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Updated: 2018-01-31 19:27's been 3 weeks... I don't even know what happened. School sucks, life sucks, I just didn't have the energy. That's my crap excuse. Pathetic, isn't it? Oh well, better late than never right? *Cautiously holds up shield from tomatoes in readers hands* Right guys...?

Well, here it is! Chapter 12! Sorry about that last cliffhanger, I honestly didn't expect to update so late. Hey, suspense is good though! Bask in it! Okay, go read now :)


I didn't realize what he was doing to me right away. All I could focus on was the agony that consumed every bone in my body. To be honest, I didn't even realize where I was anymore, that Xavier was hovering above me, restraining my flailing limbs, doing this to me. All I could process in my hazy mind was how much it hurt.

I only knew that I had been screaming afterwards, when I couldn't talk because I'd lost my voice. It felt like I was underwater, and I relied on my instincts alone, not even caring what worked and what didn't. I couldn't hear myself scream. I didn't consciously try to get away from him, but I knew that I was fighting as hard as I could. After that one moment of anguish was over, it seemed like my age had doubled, suddenly understanding some of the agony that the world was capable of thrusting upon me. Of course, they were two completely different kinds of torture, grouped in distinctly separate categories, but the immense amount were similar ideas.

After that single second, the pleasure poured through my body, like a pitcher of water that drenched my insides and doused the flames of pain instantly. An involuntary moan flowed out of my lips that used to be parted from the pain, but now didn't close for the opposite reason. My temperature kept rising, like I was getting a fever but otherwise possessed a perfect medical condition. Xavier's mouth pumped my body full with heat, making me hotter and hotter without any uncomfortable side effects. I didn't sweat a single bead of moisture. My throat didn't parch. I didn't fidget from the unusual warmth. The only noticeable difference was my uneven breathing, and that had half to do with an extremely sexy demon having his lips on my sensitive neck.

An immeasurable amount of time passed. Xavier continued to bore down on my neck, his tongue sometimes teasing the tender flesh before he realized I was going to go into cardiac arrest if he continued his playful torture. He would smirk and wait until I was breathing somewhat normally again before resuming his kissing games.

I was about to pass out by the time he lifted his head. My neck was cramped from being tilted to the side for so long, but the exposed side was so sensitive that I was afraid to move an inch unless the skin protested the action, either with pain or more pleasure. My eyes had long ago slipped shut. My vocals had made my throat raw from screaming so loudly at the astounding pain that had assaulted me so quickly and intensely at first, no matter how brief it had lasted. I panted in erratic patterns, my chest heaving up and down from the fast, short inhales and exhales.

With seeming reluctance, he pressed one more chaste kiss to the new blemish, pulling away slowly. I pried my eyes open, staring at him incredulously with my flushed face. As I looked into his guiltless expression- bright eyes, relaxed posture, unworried grin- I grasped the fact that he had blazed me; his mark was permanently seared into my skin. I don't think either of us expected my repercussions.

"You ass!" I screeched, feeling satisfaction at his shocked, apprehensive face that twisted with concern for himself. Good, I thought viciously. He should be afraid. "You idiot! I can't believe you had the nerve to do that!" I bolted upright into a sitting position, crowding his personal space until our noses brushed so he could see the absolute fury in my eyes.

At my last statement, he scowled with anger that was much more impressive than mine. "I claimed what was mine, " he justified indigently. "No on- male or female, demon or human- will doubt your status again. You are not single. You. Are. Mine!"

I would be lying if I said that I knew he was in the wrong. In the back of my mind, I understood that this would be considered an acceptable reaction to him and his fellow demons. He, as a future demon lord, was expected to be inexplicable possessive. It wasn't unusual for him to blow up at topics that taunted his inner demon to emerge. People anticipated him to practically lock me up and never let another male so much as think of me. Yet, even though I recognized these facts, my rage veiled my logical thinking. I could do nothing but accuse him.

"I belong to no one!" I roared back, obviously claiming his position as alpha male by not listening to him and therefore turning his eyes black, but I couldn't find it in myself to stop. The flames housed by his eye sockets flickered stronger as I continued. "You kidnapped me and forced me to be here! I wanted nothing to do with you! I was so afraid and sickened by you that I puked when I got your stupid first letter! Did you know that? Violet and I cried with fear from you two demons! And now you have the nerve to bind yourself to me for all eternity? You didn't even think before blazing me, a demining mark that showcases your possessive nature that is now permanently scorched into my neck?! You are such a Neanderthal, Xavier!"

Throughout my monologue, his expression switched from anger to hurt, but now he looked curious and a little worried.

"You have so much anger inside you, Princess, but never once did you say you hated me. Do you? Can you honestly say that you despise me with such strength?" he asked.

I didn't bother trying to understand why he would speak so calmly after my outburst, but I wanted nothing more than to prove him wrong.


The words lodged in my throat like peanut butter that stuck to the roof of my mouth. I tried again and again, but each time I failed to do it. My mouth wouldn't form the words.

I looked at Xavier in panic even though my anger towards him

h the door. I imagined him scratching the back of his neck, like he usually does, when he's nervous. I swiveled my head back and forth, looking at the intricate and elegant scrawl.

"I didn't want you to worry over something that would be so temporary, " he admitted. "It would have caused you to stress, and I wanted to protect you from that."

"By leaving me in the dark?"

"By omitting information that was irrelevant to the overall outcome, " he clarified. I knew his lips would be pinched into a thin line as he corrected me.

I didn't respond to him, too absorbed in scrutinizing the blaze on my neck. True to his word, Xavier's name was tattooed on my skin. It had a swirly font that reminded me of calligraphy, but this was sharper in a way, like an angry signature. Even to me- a human- it boasted of power and warning. When the light hit it differently, red shimmered in the black writing with a soft, glittery glow. The light would bounce off of the scarlet hue wherever I went, drawing attention to it. The crimson made it not only more intimidating, but also- and I screwed up my face in bewilderment as I thought this- sexier. Sure, I'd always been attracted to power, but this seemed to be taking it to a new level.

I could do nothing about it now, I figured. It was done and I had to move on. Tipping my head back confidently, I got ready for bed with an assuredness I hadn't had in a long time. And I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders at the superb feeling.

Later that night, a realization hit me so hard it left me breathless for a minute.

"Xavier?" I whispered to his silhouette behind me, his arms squeezing my back to his chest. "Why did you calm me down?"

"What do you mean?" His eyes flashed to meet mine in half a second as I rolled my head back to look at his expression. His fingers still absentmindedly doodled on my hip where his arm encompassed it.

"Why did you make me take that bath? Why didn't you just let me turn into a demon? You wanted me to eventually, so why not then?"

He stared shamelessly into my eyes. "Because even though I would've loved nothing more than for you to become the same species as I, it wasn't what you wanted. You don't want to be a demon yet. I would rather die than give you such an accusation as that towards me. You would have hated me, Princess, and that would've killed me more painfully than a thousand vessels of poison to drink and a thousand more injected into my heart. It would be an unbearable circumstance for you to truthfully loathe me."

I couldn't think of any words that would be a just response to his declaration, so I simply nodded my head against his chest, turning my head so my lips intentionally ran up and down his left hard plane.

I was stunned. I couldn't believe that Xavier thought about my emotions so much. I was shocked that he cared so much about my opinion towards him. But most of all…

…I was horrified to entertain the thought that, even after the way I'd treated him, Xavier had been the one that cared about me the most this whole time.


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