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Updated: 2018-01-31 19:25

School starts in less than 24 hours!! Ahh! >:( Anyways, here' s a super quick, super short update for you guys because I don't know when the next one will be! Enjoy! :)


Naturally, I wanted to show off Dawn, so the very next day I dragged Violet down to the horses. Jace had given me a dirty look, but even though Xavier wasn't anywhere near, I wasn't afraid of him. I should've been. In fact, it would've been a normal reaction to fear the towering demon with his blonde hair that always appeared aflame even when he was calm and his sharp fangs that he flashed at me often. Instead, I would bare my square teeth back at him and continue on whatever I was doing.

Maybe it was because I was Xavier's mate, or maybe because of the –although possessive way that he looked at her- love in his eyes when he saw Violet. Whatever the reason was, I knew he wouldn't hurt me. I was positive of that. He actually reminded me of an annoying older brother that never got over his grudge when his little sister killed his goldfish or spilled her juice in his bed. I was that little sister that, although wasn't his favorite person in the world, he was still inwardly protective of me. When I admitted my figurative comparison to Violet, she just shrugged and said that he never said anything bad about me, only that he got annoyed by how much I interrupted them whenever he was "making his move."

I made a mental note to bug him more often. I had a feeling he was playful once I got past his devil-may-care persona, no pun intended.

Like with the guys, Violet was wary when she first saw the hellhorses, especially once she got a good look at Ignis. All I had to do was thrust a sugar cube in her hand, and she was giggling as Ignis nudged her closed fist, pawing the ground impatiently for the treat I promised him. She was fascinated at his silky black coat and the flames that I swore wouldn't burn her.

"Jace had me practice with fire a little, " she said, "but I still don't like it. It's hard to get used to trusting something that we've been taught to fear, you know?"

And I did know. "I felt the exact same way, but it's like a child, " I explained as I ran my fingers down his neck. "You just have to trust it, guide it, and be gentle towards it."

She hesitantly copied me, getting more and more confident as she realized it wasn't going to burn her and instead felt the heat caress her small, soft digits curiously.

"You're right, " she whispered, awed. "It's powerful, but fragile."

"Just stay calm, " I murmured back. "It feeds off of your emotions. Whatever you do, don't panic. If you do start to get antsy, just pull your hand back."

"That's the thing, Ivy. I can't get panicked. This- the fire- it calms me. There's not one tense bone in my body. I feel like a pile of languid mush."

I could relate to her simile. Xavier had explained that the tranquil feeling came naturally since w

e you, so if there's a next time that they say that, tell them to come see me."

His big blue eyes stared up at me, as if he couldn't believe I was real. "I love you, too, Ivy, " he replied with awe.

"I'm glad to hear that, Willy." I took his hand. "Now how do you feel about riding Dawn with me for a bit?"

"Oh, yes, please!" he beamed. His face suddenly fell. "But I can't. The stable master is calling me. I have to get back to work. Oh, he's so mad! I was only supposed to tell you my name and ask if you wanted a different horse!"

"It's okay, Willy, " I soothed, worried about his rapid breathing and shifty eyes that flickered this way and that. "It's okay, " I repeated. "Tell your stable master that I enjoyed talking to you and I love my horse just fine. I thank him for his concern though."

He nodded, appearing eager to please me. "Okay!" he chirped, suddenly happy again.

I heard a distinct, "Willy!" from the barn. The boy's face paled.

"He always calls me in my head unless he's really unhappy!" he squeaked. "I've gotta go! Bye Ivy! Bye other pretty girl!" he waved, dashing off.

"Well, isn't he adorable?" Violet immediately gushed.

"Yeah." My eyes narrowed into slits. "But I have some things I want to discuss with Xavier."

"Oh, boy, I know that look in your eye. That look means you're going to cause some trouble."

"The trouble has already been caused, Violet, " I responded hotly. "I'm here to fix it."


Aww, so who thinks Willy is adorable?! *raises arm and waves hand around* I DO, I DO, I DO!!

What do you think is going to come in the next chapter?

Is Ivy going to go in mother mode and tear into Xavier?

Will Willy be alright?

Are Violet and Jace getting serious?

What's going on between Ignis and Dawn?!

Who ate my chips?!?!?! >.< So many questions! Tell me your thoughts in a comment! :D Vote, comment, and follow! I love you guys! Muah! <

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