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Updated: 2018-01-31 19:23

I made this extra long because I had NO IDEA how long it'd been since I had last updated. It might be kinda rushed at the end since I wanted to post this before I left for Cedar Point tomorrow :D So excited!!!

You guys know the drill. Vote, comment, fan! (And yes, I had sour cream and onion chips today... This is getting freaky O.o)


"Am I interrupting something?"

Violet shot away from him, even though he tried to snag his arms around her waist. He still seemed dazed, which was the reason he failed to catch her.

"I would say I can come back later, " I continued, "but I think this is supposed to be my room, so I'm kind of entitled to it."

It was only after I'd gotten over my shock of seeing Violet getting her mouth mauled that I realized her appearance. She clutched a purple towel to her chest protectively, her knuckles beginning to turn white from her merciless grasp.

Her hair was straight with the weight of the water still in it, dribbles leaking out of her head and chasing each other down her back and shoulders until the met the towel, where their game came to an abrupt halt once they were soaked in. It was a shade darker, almost black instead of her usual brunette.

Her face was clear of makeup, but she looked well rested, not a hint of the bags that haunted her eyes yesterday. With a quick glance at the mirror hanging above what seemed to be a black vanity that was bare of any supplies, I knew my bags had been chased away too. Why hadn't we had nightmares during all of that sleep? Now that I thought back, it had almost been peaceful, as if I'd known nothing would ever hurt me again. What could have caused me to rest so soundly, right after I'd been kidnapped?

Clearly she had just gotten out of the shower, too, but why was she here? And why did she look so confused and afraid? I turned my glare towards the blonde stranger.

"What did you do?" I asked slowly, my voice low and threatening.

"What did you just say to me?" He responded with his own question. His voice was the same slow, almost formal drawl as Xavier's.

"I think you heard me." I reached out to tug Violet behind me. "No one kisses my best friend without her permi-"

He was in front of my before I could finish my sentence, breathing in my face. Although he wasn't hard to look at and he didn't stink, I felt very uncomfortable with his nearness. "And who are you to tell me how to treat my mate?" he snarled, baring his teeth that had grown sharp. Not just his incisors like a vampire but every tooth was slanted into a lethal tip.

Instead of cowering with the close proximity of those fangs, I curled my lip into a snarl, showing him my own blunt teeth. "I'm her best friend. I don't know you, she was scared, and that immediately makes you the bad guy."

"She's also my mate." We all froze at the power and anger that voice held, all too familiar to me. "Back down from her, Jace, before I make you."

The blonde, Jace, snapped his mouth shut, but didn't move a single muscle in his legs. "She criticized my ability to care for my mate, " he justified.

"Your mate has a name, " Violet and I both said at the same time.

Arms wrapped around my waist from the side, in the direction the door was. "Why are you antagonizing Jace, Princess?" Xavier murmured in my ear.

"He was kissing my best friend without her permission, " I growled, well as much as a human can growl. It didn't sound anywhere near intimidating after I'd witnessed a demon's.

"He is her mate. He would never force himself upon her if it wasn't for her own benefit."

"Oh please, " I scoffed. "That's the biggest load of bull I have ever heard."

"Bull? Isn't that an animal? How can you have a load of it and how is that relevant? We do not live on a farm. We are in the castle. I thought I told you this already? The only animals we have here are the hellhounds and the horses in the stables."

"Sorry, forgot you don't know this stuff. What I mean is, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. How do you explain the kidnapping?" I accused.

"It was for you. The girl will always follow her mate to his home, even if that means leaving her own dimension. Since you were human, we would not have been able to explain this to you beforehand, as you most likely would've run to the police. Not that we couldn't have stopped you, but we didn't want you to be afraid of us. The only option was to take you first, and then explain later."

"That's insane. You both are insane!" Violet interjected, throwing her hands in the air as her eyes flickered between Jace and Xavier wildly.

"We are both completely healthy in our mind. If we weren't we would be removed from our position in the castle, " Xavier said.

She groaned, her hands now burrowing in her wet hair. "That's not normal!" she shouted in frustration, rephrasing her accusation. I immediately went to her side. The two guys were on one side of the room, and Violet and I were huddled near the bed, facing them off.

"It's actually quite usual for humans to be informed of mates this way. Prince Seth Valdez of the Vampires and his nexus number took their mates this way. They are completely comfortable in their lifestyle now and his mate, Eva, is pregnant."

"Willingly?" I muttered.

I could see Jace tense to do something, attack me maybe, but Xavier flung his arm out, the barrier of muscle slamming into his chest. That was sure to leave a bruise.

Xavier looked just as furious, but he spoke almost soothingly to me when he answered, even with a clenched jaw. "Very willingly. In fact, she was the one that practically jumped him, not the other way around. And how is that relevant, you may ask? Even though vampires are arguably the most seductive creatures, mates trump them every time. The attraction a mate feels for the other is inexplicable."

"What are you trying to say?" I frowned, tired of his rambling about how much mates loved each other when I felt nothing more than physical attraction towards him.

"I can't wait until the bond we have consumes your every thought, every action, and even your every dream, " he smirked.

"Good luck with that."

"You, Princess, are the one that will be in need of good fortune. Enough of this for now. You both need food."

"And clothes, " Violet muttered.

"It's not mandatory, " Jace responded. At her glare, he caved and told her he would find some for her in their room.

"I probably should dress too, " I admitted, lovingly fingering the robe. "Thank you for the robe though."

"It's the same one, " Xavier said. "I just had the emblem put on the breast. I thought you would want something from your house to be with you. It's not healthy to dwell in the past, but you mustn't forget where you came from."

"That's really nice of you." For the first time, I smiled at him. He beamed back.

"There should be some casual wear in the closet. The right half is yours."

"Clothes, Xavier. We just call them clothes now, not 'casual wear, '" I teased. This might actually be fun. Vi and I kind of have our own code! We just have to use slang!

"How do you differentiate between casual clothes and formal ones if they are all labeled the same?" he wondered, his eyebrows furrowing cutely.

"Well… I guess we just don't wear that much formal stuff on Earth. We had no need to dress up."

"That's going to change very quickly. Never mind it, we will continue this debate after all has been explained to you and Violet." I immediately noticed that, even though he didn't use a different tone, Violet's name rolled off of his tongue much blander than mine did. Of course, it still sounded like it came from the mouth of Romeo Montague or someone equally as suave and romantic, but it didn't sound natural. "Ivy" or even "Princess" flowed from his mouth like a melody from a jewelry box- purposely and perfectly since it was made to make those sounds. Was that proof that he was telling the truth about mates, plus his kisses that I couldn't put a stop to no matter how angry and confused I was?

I sighed; everything would be explained soon enough.

After I walked into the closet, though, I realized that "soon" could be delayed a little.

It. Was. Enormous. Gigantic. Heck, it could only be described by mixing the two words like five year olds did! It was ginormous!

There were two double doors that swung open to reveal every girls' wet dream of her closet. On either side of the door when I first walked in sat a black dresser with a ton of drawers that could only hold who knows what. Each knob shone gold, taunting me to open their drawer to discover the treasures inside. Unable to resist, I threw open every single drawer, finding shirts, jeans, all kinds of shorts, slacks, underwear galore, and then some risqué scraps that I didn't classify as clothes.

Walking further in, dresses hung for what seemed a mile. Short dresses and long ones, all ranging from frilly and glittery to silky and daring. Opposite of them on Xavier's side were what could be no less th

roughly and causing it to crack. Silence reigned as we all looked at my kidnapper, standing with his fists clenched and nostrils flaring. Without a word, he disappeared in a flash of flames.

"Let me explain this to you, Ivy, " Jace sighed. "When Xavier saw James kissing you, it took twenty full-grown demon men to keep him from ripping James to shreds and taking you without a whisper of an explanation to your mother. After he'd worked through those twenty men, which only took about a minute, I had to inject him with some poison to make him pass out. Still, five minutes after he was supposed to have been out cold, Xavier was fighting to get to you. He was resisting it so much because the only thing he could register was that he had to protect you. He had to make sure no one ever touched you like that again.

"I'll admit it, he will kill without a second thought. It's who we are. He may seem heartless, and he might scare you sometimes, but don't ever question his intentions. We do what we do to protect our mates. You are his everything, Ivy. If he didn't have you, if you for some reason weren't by his side, he would literally go insane. He would be seen as an unstable threat and have to be put down like a dog, despite his status. There would be no way he could live on without you.

"People don't mess with mates of any supernatural creature unless they want to die. Demons are the worst, apart from the dragons and phoenix. They tend to keep to themselves, though, so we are the main publicity source. If anyone else tried to take you, he would kill them on the spot, and no one would argue his judgment, because that is how demons think and function.

"He may seem possessive and over protective sometimes, but it's his nature. It's how we were raised, and it's how we were taught to react. This James, he may have made you happy, but Xavier can make you feel bliss. Even when he kissed you, it's nothing compared to what Xavier can offer you. What James thinks is cloud nine is merely a peck on your cheek to your mate. He doesn't just love you, Ivy. He would die for you without a second thought.

"You'd be best to not think about James at all. His patience is wearing very thin."

"Is that a threat?" I asked, feeling defiant but still a bit worried after his rant.

"That's a warning. The things the darker side of him is telling him to do would make you fear him, at least right now. He can only pacify himself for so long."

Instead of responding, I studied the two notes. While I was scanning them, Xavier appeared just as silently as he'd left. Our food was ready and a man in a suit brought two plates of heaping waffles out to Violet and me. While Violet thanked him profusely, I could only manage a nod, eyes set on the one paragraph sticking out to me. I found a question immediately.

Don't worry- I got my revenge on this James character for thinking he could kiss you. I'm sure you've heard he's in the hospital. I won't go into details, but know that he'll never touch you again, even if he had the chance. He's still suffering.

"In your second note, " I spoke, keeping my head down on the disturbing sentence that I didn't really take into consideration before. Now that I knew the situation, though, it was revolting to think of the possibilities. "What did you mean by, 'He's still suffering'?"

My question caused a cold smirk to appear on Xavier's face. His fire was fueled by the emotions my question evoked, causing his hair, eyes, and nails to burn brighter. "Demons are known for being heartless, but that only happens when someone or something tries to threaten us, as Jace explained to you." Of course he'd heard what Jace had said to us. "After he kissed you, I'd gone into a frenzy trying to get to you, but Jace held me back along with the twenty men he ambushed me with. Once I'd calmed down enough to not kill him, I showed him what happened when he flirted with you, mate to the first in line demon lord."

"What did you do?" My voice was a stuttering whisper, but it was all I could force out.

"Demons can feel a persons biggest fears. It is what makes us relentless when killing. I made him live his nightmares over and over again, and then I showed him myself as a demon. You have to understand, Princess, that if you weren't our mates, you would be terrified of me in this form." Violet nodded agreeably with him, cautiously eyeing his strange appearance.

"But you said he's still suffering, " I pointed out shakily. "As in, present tense."

"You are observant, " he smiled, his mouthful of fangs causing Violet to gasp. "We are the deliverers of pain. Both physical, which I showed him, and mental, which is current."

"You're torturing him in his sleep?!" I demanded, fear filling my gut. Who were these men?

"Not as bad as the illusions he had when I was scaring him at first, just nightmares here and there."

"Stop! Stop it!" I cried. "Leave him alone! He didn't even know!"

"He knows now."

"Please! Have mercy on him!"

"Why do you care?" he challenged.

"Because he didn't know! He was ignorant to what I meant to you. I was still ignorant!"

"You pushed him away, though. He should've had the same train of thought."

Without thinking, I clutched his hands across the table, his fingernails warming twenty points on my palms as I held both of his much larger hands in my own. "Let him go, Xavier. Please, " I pleaded.

"What do I get out of it?" he asked, having the decency to look amused as my pleading turned to bartering.

"What do you want?" I countered.

"So many things, Princess. I'll make it simple, though. If I let him go, then you do too. Never think about him again, don't mention him, just let him go. If you talk about him, I'll suddenly remember him as well. Fair enough?"

Hmm, let's see. Should I agree to this nightmare-reviving, fear-knowing, overprotective, lethal demon that just happened to burst into flames whenever he felt possessive over me?

"Fine." I shook his hand to seal the deal.

Talk about making a deal with the devil.

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