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First, I wanna give a thank you to all of the veterans that have served/are serving our country, especially my Papa. Those that have died, you will be missed <

Alright! I wanted to update for you guys, so I'm celebrating the Fourth with chapter 6! :)

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"You're crazy if you think I'm going to take a shower."

"Call the asylum, Princess."

He wasn't even fazed by my piercing drop-dead glare. I've been told that my look could bring the military to their knees. Apparently it didn't work on a demon prince.

After my initial shock had worn off, I'd proceeded to squeeze as much information as I could out of Xavier. Half the time he'd responded, "You don't have to worry about that. That's my job." Was it too much to ask how heavily guarded this place was? I didn't think it was an unreasonable question. I just wanted to know how easy my escape was going to be, not that he realized that was my reasoning behind the question. My so-called mate wasn't helping me very much. I did manage to get a couple of pieces of valuable data from him, though.

A List of Information That Should Be Taken as Warnings

By: Ivy Ross

· He was a demon, so he had unnatural powers that I'd have to watch out for.

· He controlled fire, so I had to be cautious to not go by any flames during my escape, since I figured he could pop out of nowhere.

· He was royalty, so there were going to be an unknown amount of guards surrounding the place.

· I'm his mate, his greatest strength and weakness, so if all else fails, use him to help escape without him realizing my true plan until after I'm long gone

· We were in another dimension, not below the Earth, but where demons resided, so humans would refer to this place as Hell- so, yes, we were in Hell. (This first part was his version, the second was my much shorter, straightforward answer) Therefore, I couldn't ask for any help since they would either be loyal to Xavier and bring me back, or by against him and use me to lure him. Either way, I lost. So there was no help for me.

· Violet was unharmed and closer than I thought. It was a surprise, or so Xavier had said. So, first, I would have to find my best friend, then figure out how to get out of here. I didn't know how close Xavier was to whoever was stalking- er, mates- with Violet, so "closer than I thought" could mean down the hall or across the town or whatever they had here. I'd just have to wait.

I gripped my head. It was all so confusing. Now, we were arguing about me showering. Seriously, how stupid did he think I was?

"So you're telling me that the water that's going to spout out of that nozzle won't faze me?"

He looked startled. Yeah, buddy, I'm on to you.

"Princess, are you afraid?"

"Of course I am!" I shouted in frustration at his innocent act, throwing my hands up. "Why wouldn't I be? Last time I washed myself, I was practically paralyzed from that dang water!"

"So why are you scared now?"

"Because the same thing will happen, " I explained slowly, trying not to blow up. I thought of Jake's approving gaze, his mouth that would tip up into a grin that could make me feel like I belonged nowhere else except by his side. The image helped a little.

"I don't understand, " Xavier said, shaking his head. "Are you afraid of being attacked? Caught vulnerable? Princess, you are arguably the most heavily guarded person in all of the dimensions. Nothing will happen to you."

"Except you, " I mumbled. I'd never seen someone be so still so quickly. If I didn't know better, I'd think he was seriously a colored statue of a god. Even if I didn't like him, I had to admit that he was the most attractive person I'd ever seen, male or female. The attraction I felt to him was like a moth to a flame: absolute and beyond any reason as to why.

He whirled on me too quickly for my eyes to see. One moment I was staring at his frozen person. The next thing I knew, he had me held up against the wall next to the door, hovering over me. His face was enraged, even though it still held undeniable beauty. He was shaking, as if holding himself back. From hitting me maybe?

As soon as I had that thought, pain like no other consumed me like the transportation fire had. (Xavier had explained that it was a way of demons, that the fire could instantly teleport a person from one location to another, even to other dimensions.) It began in my heart, working its way outward until it reached the tips of my toes and every strand of my hair. Some sort of sound came out of my mouth. It could've been a groan. Or a whimper. Maybe it was a scream. I didn't know. I was in too much pain to focus.

Someone was calling out to me. I couldn't understand what they were saying at first, but I wanted to go to them. Their mere voice had me captivated more than the first time I'd perfected the splits, my entire body relaxed on the ground even though my legs were at a one eighty degree angle. It was husky, dark, but so soothing at the same time. I felt myself relaxing, my heart calming, and my hands stopped shaking the more I listened to it, no, wait, him. The voice was male. It was deep, the voice of a man far beyond puberty. The Angel of Death maybe? Surely only someone so gloriously dark could possess such vocals.

I finally realized what he was saying as the pain halved, the halved again, and again, and continued dwindling until it was gone. "I will never harm you, Princess. I will never hurt you. Ever. I promise you, as long as you're with me, you are completely safe. Nothing will harm you, especially me." He repeated this over and over until I was still, slumped in his arms on the ground. My legs must've give out, unable to hold my weight against the searing pain.

"What was that?" I whispered.

"Our bond. It made you feel how upset it was. I don't know what you'd thought, Princess, but I advise to never do it again. It took me quite a while to bring you back. I almost kissed you again to force you our of the pain."

We held each other, not asking questions, not saying anything. Just holding. Eventually, he was the one to break the heavy silence.

"Now, about you being scared…of me, " he said, his tone businesslike. At the end, it hitched, the sting of rejection ringing faintly in his voice.

"What about it?" I asked softly, not wanting to upset him or this stupid bond that had a mind of its own. Really, what was so surprising about my feelings? He had kidnapped me, he was a demon, and I was supposed to be okay with this? Forget about my life back home and start a new one? I don't think so.

Yet, even though I knew that, there was a small part of me that thought differently. A small part of me didn't want to hurt him, wanted to take away his pain. The voice in my head- my conscience, not another person- urged me to wrap my arms around him, forgive him for his rash actions, and talk out this entire situation so that we both understood each other. I diligently ignored her and her ridiculous suggestions.

"Why do you fear me?" he questioned, holding me tighter when I tried to move away. I shot him an annoyed look, shoving his restricting arms roughly. They, like t

. Only ask and I will make it happen." With one last warm smile, he shut the door soundlessly. With my shirt halfway off, I scurried over and locked the door. Better safe than sorry.

As was my signature, my clothes began at the door and trailed to the bathtub, where my undergarments were stripped carelessly right before I sunk into the hot water. It relaxed me effortlessly- the way it was supposed to, not supernaturally- and a contented sigh passed my lips before I could stop it. At least it wasn't a moan, which has happened in the past after a particularly rough day.

My head rested against a pillow that hung over the side of the tub. It had a weight on the other end that was placed along the border of the tub before the actual white material of the tub began so it didn't slide into the water. It was the perfect height for me to submerge my entire body and rest my head against the side. I settled down to think, my fingers absentmindedly making circles in the water, creating tiny whirlpools.

Jets are on a panel by the faucet Xavier suggested. If you want them.

There was only one knob, and twisted in five settings: off, low, low-high, high-low, and high. I twisted it to low curiously. Instantly the water began swirling, moving around my body with a relaxing force. There was a jet right behind me on my back, massaging it. I did let out a soft moan this time. This was beyond amazing.

Like it? he chuckled. How was it that even in my head his laugh was sexy?

Yeah, thanks.

No problem. I'll leave you in peace now, Princess.

I relaxed, forcibly blanking my mind for a few minutes. My half-lidded eyes stared at the candle impassively. Eventually, I couldn't stop my thoughts from realizing the situation I was in. My life had been flipped upside down within a couple of days. I'd had- did have- a boyfriend. James had admitted he liked me. Now, if I'd been normal girl and all of this demon stuff didn't exist, my life would've been the typical girl-has-to-choose-between-good-boy-and-bad-boy story. I would've been perfectly content with that.

But, no. Instead I have to be kidnapped by a demon lord heir, who- although beyond attractive- is in no way, shape, or form the kind of guy I'd ever imagined myself with. He'd made me break up with Jake. He'd put James in the hospital. He was the kind of guy that you saw on the news in a mug shot for escaped criminals. (Although he would've looked just as natural on the front of a magazine cover, probably Cosmo or something to that affect.) Yet, when he was with me, he was the sweetest guy I'd ever met. That is, if I ignored his forced (and admittedly addicting) kisses and the fact that he was, you know, a demon.

I sat in the tub until the water ran cold, and even then, I still didn't want to get out. My fingers flicked the jets off regrettably. My feet dragged when I picked them up out of the tub, brushing against the edge from my laziness. My arm reached up half-heartedly to snatch a towel, and then I had to stand on my tip-toes because I didn't want to extend my elbow.

Was I relaxed? Heck yeah. Had I sorted anything out? Nope.

I smiled when I spotted a black silk robe that I hadn't noticed before. It was almost identical to the one I'd had at home, except the tie on this one was a deep red. On the left breast, Princess had been scrawled in fancy cursive in the same color as the sash. The arms created the same droopy curtains, the length was still suggestively short, and the tie wasn't too long. I hated it when the ties went farther than the robe, tickling my bare legs. These stopped a good six inches from the end of the silky material.

I couldn't help but admire it in the mirror once I had it on. It even fit the same. It made my shoulders look dainty. It settled over my curves nicely, showcasing what my mama gave me without being tight. The V at my chest plunged just the right amount, the material coming together right at the bottom of my boobs. My butt was covered decently, but my legs couldn't say the same. It made me feel sexy and I loved it. Some people had a favorite pair of jeans that made their butt look amazing. Others had lingerie that boosted their confidence. I had my bathrobe.

After I'd finished up in the bathroom, I ventured into what I assumed to be Xavier's room. It was definitely a male room. The walls were black with a shockingly white carpet. There was a huge portrait of a family on the wall opposite the bathroom. There was a father standing proudly next to a mother, who held her baby in her arms lovingly. It was off center, as if another picture was supposed to be hanging next to it. All of the furniture was black: the bed frame, the wardrobes, the doors, the nightstands, everything. The bed was huge, bigger than a California king. The sheets were (big surprise) black with the curtain hanging around it the same colorless shade. The curtain was partly permeable, so it offered privacy at the same time it didn't block out the surroundings.

All of this was insignificant to the blonde man that had my best friend up against the wall, savagely kissing her.

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