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Yes, I know that I didn't explain everything in this chapter. I know that you are probably going to still be confused, and that's the point!!! You guys are reading this story through Ivy's POV, which means that you will only understand what she does!

So, yes I do plan on explaining more about demons and the like. Have no doubt that MUCH more information is bound to come, but this chapter was mainly about mates and what Ivy really means to Xavier. It's way more than love, people. Way more.

And, okay, I was hungry when I wrote this, so sorry for the food referance, but can you blame me? I'm always hungry :)

Vote, comment, and fan! :)


Bacon. It was arguably the most addicting meat known to man. Males made no effort to hide their desires of it, and although women liked to claim self-control, we were just as eager to feel that crunch between our teeth, have the taste of cooked pork explode in our mouths, and swallow every bit of the fattening product as we could.

Bacon was also the main reason half of the teenage population bothered to roll out of their seductive beds in the morning, sheets and all, and stumble still half asleep into the kitchen, using their noses for guidance towards the sizzling meat. More than once my mother had resorted to bribing me with it in order for me to drag myself out of bed, especially on weekdays. I was helpless to resist once I heard the promising sizzle in the frying pan.

At the moment, though, I had doubts that even the delicious aroma of bacon could lure me away from my bed. I was completely enveloped by a new smell that I instantly ranked as my favorite, even over bacon. It was a heady scent of wood smoke, melting marshmallows, and spices that I'd never smelt before but had promises of strong flavor and taste.

Still teetering between reality and dreamland, I mumbled a moan and how good it smelt before clumsily shuffling closer. Almost as if sensing my lazy distress, it moved closer to me, giving off inhumane warmth as I buried my nose in what I assumed to be the source. It oddly was very smooth, with a couple of teasing hairs tickling my nose. I found a cleft between two upraised parts and immediately got comfortable there. A contented sigh passed my smiling lips as I bunkered down for more sleep.

Just as I was about to plunge into unconsciousness, the pressure of a kiss ghosted across my forehead. My mom knew enough not to disturb me when I slept since I was worse than a grizzly woken up during hibernation, and Jake wouldn't bother to kiss me if I wasn't completely aware he was there, claiming that wasn't how a woman should be treated. So who…?

My eyelids snapped open as if I was being murdered. I was still consumed by the obliviously innocence of just waking up, when memories don't register yet. In blind panic, I tried fighting the male in what I was coming to realize wasn't my bed, but somebody else's. "Get off of me!" I gasped, hitting him as hard as I could in any place I could land a hit. "Get off!"

He was obviously shocked at my attack, because I managed to actually hit him once or twice. When my leg came dangerously close to colliding with a very important part of his anatomy, he snapped out of his daze. Before I could blink, my wrists were held above my head uselessly, and my legs were restrained by his own muscular ones.

A gasp flew out of my mouth like a freed bird, frantic and unstoppable. Memories swarmed by head like a beehive had been busted open and the angry inhabitants were let loose. I hadn't been entirely focused on X when he'd taken me from the school, since he had been partially hidden by the dingy air, and I'd been distracted by the untamed flames and swirling smoke. Now, the only thing separating us was the air that crackled like a busted circuit still full of electricity, heating up the room quickly from the intensity of our stares as we drank each other in.

I rediscovered the magnificence of my kidnapper and the youth of X, one and the same person. He didn't appear to be any older than twenty, an embarrassing relief after I'd visualized him as much older. His rugged looks made him beyond attractive, also a calming realization for my wild imagination. Well, while my runaway mind was comforted, my heart was anything but, beating erratically as this godlike man studied me. Redness flushed my face.

"It's just me, " he said in response to my earlier demands. "It's okay. I'm here."

As if he had to remind me… I internally drooled. How could I forget someone like him occupied the same room I did? An impossibility, if I ever heard of one.

And, oh, his voice! If I hadn't already been lying down, I would've melted into a pathetic puddle of goo at his feet the second his baritone reached my ears. It was the roughest voice I'd ever heard, as if he'd swallowed gravel and it had stuck in his vocal chords. Yet, at the same time, it flowed as easily as the swift current of a rushing river, nothing able to stop its course. It flowed over me like an ominous mist, inviting me further into it even though I knew that danger lurked just behind the glorious mask it projected. It was dark and lethal, but the most enticing voice that had the power to persuade the most stubborn man. My heart clenched at the sound of it. I had to bite my lip so I wouldn't beg him to say something else, anything else.

"Who are you?" My voice was breathless from the spell he'd put me under with his voice and presence.

"You know me as X, Princess. My full name is Xavier Angelo Drake. Most people have to address my family and me as Lord Drake or Lord Xavier, but you, my beautiful mate, may call me anything you'd like."

My mind was a tornado of thoughts, all chasing each other around and around but not getting anywhere at all. My hand reached up to grip my head, as if the touch would calm my anxious brain down. It didn't. In fact, moving only made me aware of a different problem: my bladder. I cursed those multiple glasses of water I'd chugged during the my night of horrors, the nightmares seeming childish now that I k

at was red-hot. I wasn't calm by any definition of the word; I was thrilled, excitement seeming to pour into me from his mouth. The same adrenaline that came with freedom and wildness that James had given me tripled in intensity. He wasn't sloppy, either. Even though the kiss was rushed and fast--but thorough--he was in control of every movement he made. Although wild, it wasn't an unconscious trait; that was just who Xavier was: untamed, untamable, and unwilling to be tamed.

"You feel that, Princess?" he asked between kisses that he was now trailing along my jaw. Every place his lips touched was left burning in the most appealing way. My hands tangled in his dark hair, not quite black in color but a rich, deep brown. "Do you feel complete?"

"Uh-huh, " I was all I managed, bringing his mouth back to mine. Well, I had no say in the matter, but he allowed me to guide his lips back to mine. We both knew I couldn't make him do anything. Physically it was impossible and I was pretty sure emotionally his opinions were just as set in stone as his muscles were.

After kissing him for a few more minutes, he allowed me to regain my breath as he explained his actions into my ear, his harsh breath making me smile. "That's what it feels like to be with me, your mate. You feel on top of the world, don't you? You feel like there's nothing missing in your life, because I'm here. And you don't want to be anyplace else.

"Women have gained rights in your world, rights that would be scorned at here. You will do no such work as driving yourself anywhere or running your own bath. If you're hungry, you can ask the cook to prepare you whatever your heart desires, but I'm not taking the chance of you accidently burning yourself or some other silly precaution. Hell, if you don't want to walk, I will carry you wherever you wish to go. You are to be treated like the royalty you are, my Princess.

"In return, all I ask of you is to stay by my side faithfully. I will love you, guide you, provide for you, and protect you with my life. You will want for nothing ever again, for I can most likely make it happen for you. You will never feel anything less than cherished, for, although you aren't on a pedestal, you are my everything.

"You will learn quickly how mates treat each other. First you will witness demons, for that is what I am and how you will be treated the rest of your life. However, you will be exposed to other creatures to see the similarities that are there, mainly vampires because they are our closest ally. You'll notice the complete and utter devotion that mates have to each other. They are our greatest strength, but also our greatest weakness. –"

"How are they a weakness?" I wondered.

"I would give up my life, my kingdom, everything that I own and am to protect you if an enemy were to get his hands on you. Prince Seth Valdez, Prince of the Vampires, almost lost his mate, Eva. He was reduced to his pure, raw vampire form when--well, I'll just say when his mate was threatened. He was going to be forced to watch, but in the end they all made out alright. Anyways, the point is that it took him weeks of being around his mate twenty-four/seven to calm back down and control his natural instincts. He was unwilling to ever let anything happen to her again. As a demon, I would react even worse."

"How?" I asked again.

"I'll explain that another time, Princess. This is about mates. The point is, you have me wrapped around your finger, even though we barely know each other. I'm going to act possessive and overprotective, probably similar in a way that an abusive boyfriend would, but have no doubt I would rather die than harm you in any way. You won't like it at first, but you'll learn to live how I need you to in order for me to stay sane in knowing you're safe."

"If you know how overbearing you're going to be, why not change? Why would you mold my life into a controlled, tiny schedule?" I snapped, not liking this turn of events at all.

"Because, Princess, you are the mate to me, Xavier Drake, heir to my father, Lord of Demons."

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