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In apologies for the inconveniance with the last chapter, I decided that you guys deserved an extra quick update. Hope you guys enjoy this. I loved writing about the supernatural! <

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Good news: James didn't confront me at school the next day.

Bad news: James wasn't even at school the next day, so I wasn't sure if he was serious about leaving my relationship with Jake alone or if he was planning something. James was known to not come to school if he thought he had something more important to do.

It wasn't until the halls were filled between third and fourth period that I opened my ears and heard the news. Well, even if my ears were closed, I would've found out. The corridors were buzzing with the information, and it was spreading through the school like a virus.

James was in the hospital.

This fact sent a shockwave through the entire school, and I knew the town would react just as drastically. Who would want to do this to James? He didn't have any public enemies. Some whispered about a gang, but their voices rang with the lie; everyone knew the rumor mill was just stirring up trouble.

Maybe the better question would be who could do this to James? It was no surprise that he could hold his own in a fight. It was practically legend how he'd saved a little girl from being raped outside a bar by a drunk man. He was only fourteen against a full-grown man, but he'd done it. Of course, his reputation as the town's bad boy strengthened since he'd been at the bar as well, but he had a good heart. As far as anyone was concerned, James Kennedy was untouchable.

I continued wondering about him and his condition for the rest of the day. His sudden injuries didn't add up in my head. A wave of guilt crashed over me whenever I thought about him, but what would I have to be guilty about? It wasn't like I had a part in hospitalizing him. The guilt grew stronger at my firm denial. I ignored the strange feelings.

I wanted nothing more than to go see him, but Violet convinced my to stay at school. When she pressed for my reason, I admitted that I was worried about him, and, okay, the idea of James getting beat up appalled me. After that, we joked about suddenly becoming very interested in nursing and wanting to get a feel of what the job required, such as helping those that couldn't feed or bathe themselves. The idea of rivulets of water dribbling down his naked chest had us both drifting off into our own thoughts and fantasies. What a sight it would be, I just knew.

I was prepared to rush home and freshen up before surprising James at the hospital. Despite what had happened the night before, I knew that I had to go see him. I would've gone to see anyone regardless, but this felt more personal. This felt like I owed him a visit, as if I'd put him there by my actions. The guilt clenched in my stomach, roaring it's agreement that I was responsible in my head.

I bumped into Jake in my rush out the doors. Disoriented, I stared at him star struck before coming to my senses.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?" he wondered.

"To see James." His eyebrows furrowed together.


I shrugged. "I feel like I should see him. Maybe I'll visit with the elderly, too."

"Oh." He looked baffled before his expression smoothed into an understanding smile. "Well, you've always been a very caring person. That's what I love about you." His lips fell to my forehead in a proud kiss. I closed my eyes. Even if I wasn't happy with his extent of PDA, his smooth lips were familiar, always kept perfectly and professionally un-chapped with his chap stick. My body filled with content, feeling worthy to stand next to such a businesslike man. At the moment, I didn't want to be wild. I didn't want to be crazy and have fun that included doing partly illegal activities. I just wanted to have my clean, responsible relationship with Jake.

I knew I wasn't going to go to the hospital. Jake had unknowingly chased away the insecurities that had been haunting me all day. James didn't need me to visit. Sure, it would've been a nice gesture, but it would've been beyond awkward. I hated awkward moments.

Despite that and the fact that my mom wouldn't be home for another couple of hours due to her unfortunate job that made her work like a dog, I approved of the soothing bath calling my name, quite loudly. My aching muscles that had spontaneously began crying out in pain hooted with excitement and waited impatiently for the warm water to embrace them. I was feeling deprived of my previously simple life, though, so I decided to spoil myself, taking the time to haul out little cinnamon and vanilla scented candles and pick out my favorite bubbles that I set on the counter. I lit each candle individually, becoming entranced as the wick accepted the dancing flame time after time. After each one lit, I would sit there for a minute, entranced by the wavering light. Fire had always fascinated me. I didn't play with it or anything drastic, but I respected its power at the same time appreciating its beauty.

I threw my hair into a messy bun, ignoring the strands that wisped around my neck, tickling lightly. I took off my eyeliner and mascara, splashing water on my face to rid my pores of the dirt and grime from the day.

Once my face was clean and all of my tiny candles were glowing around my bathroom, I turned the light off to get the full affect of my relaxing atmosphere. My breath whooshed out as my eyes feasted on the scene I'd created, not knowing that I wasn't the only one who'd pieced together the elaborate setting. I'd just provided the equipment; he helped out with making it what it was: an inviting sample of what my life could, would, soon be like.

The yellowish waxes of the candles were melting slightly already from the concentrated heat. Each tiny glowing spotlight faded from the intense orange at the tip to the soft yellow, traveling along the blackened wick to the pool of cream. My eyes drooped at the little fixtures of light, my pupils dilating to almost conceal my coffee colored iris. Littered around the room like they were, it reminded me of a fairytale, like I was a princess tucked away cozily in her castle, showered with luxuries as I awaited my prince charming to find me.

A cool draft abruptly curled its cool fingers around my neck, making me hurriedly slam the door shut. The bang resounded, as if mocking me that I was now trapped. The sense that I was caged went ignored by every other part of me except my head, which rang with doubt. My hands, with a mind of their own, slid down to the cool brass handle. My thumb flicked the lock home, safety overwhelming me when I heard the soft click.

The steam was his final trick.

It ghosted from the bathtub with a more mysterious essence once the bright bulbs were extinguished, thickening in the now closed off room. Instead of being a scientific quality of warm water, it became a magical phenomenon, having no starting point and no ending. It swirled around the room, making the air thick wondrously. It nipped bitterly at my clothes, making them heavy and uncomfortable, encouraging me to shed them. The white smoke settled on my bare skin teasingly, pulling me in to the heart of it unconsciously as first my shirt was stripped, then my jeans, socks, and bra, creating a trail of my restrictors behind me. I wanted more and more of it to wrap around me and less and less of my bothersome clothes stopping it. Finally, I dropped my panties at the side of the tub, leaning over the edge in a haze as I sought more of the steam to embrace me.

Complying with the desire, I sunk into the water. Instead of savoring the feeling of the liquid slowly engulfing my body like I usually did, I submerged myself instantly, impatient to unveil more of this magnificent feeling.

This substance felt nothing like the clear water that flowed from the faucets in our house. It slid around my body smoother, as if forming to fit my unique shape with a mind of its own. Thicker than warm honey, it clung to my skin like my presence was drawing it in. It caressed my skin like a lover's touch before seeping into my pores and dripping into my body, seeming to warm my veins as the blood that was deprived of oxygen raced back to my heart. My mouth opened in a silent gasp as I felt th

e heat reach its destination, my most vital organ. From there, it spread from chamber to chamber, infecting every drop of blood until my entire being was being pumped with the delicious heat.

I closed my mouth and my eyes as my body descended lower and lower, sinking my neck, chin, mouth, and tip of my nose. I could easily breathe, but whatever filled the tub lapped playfully at my nose, enjoying my desperation as I breathed in its heady, indescribable scent. The bubbles that would've no doubt prevented this laid forgotten on the cold countertop.

I have no idea how long I laid there, soaking up that glorious feeling. It soared though my body faster and faster the longer I succumbed to it, giving me a feeling of power and strength. I felt invincible, not in the Superman kind of way, but in the way a loved queen knew that she would never be hurt and her every wish would be carried out. It was a dangerously haughty feeling that I wasn't used to and was afraid that I would easily become addicted to it. The emotions of confidence and security were stronger than anything I'd ever felt before, flying above and beyond anything Jake could ever hope to provide me with.

Eventually, I found the will to break the restraints of the liquid that beckoned me to return. It flowed down my body in rivulets of goodbye, kissing my skin desperately as gravity won the battle of its location- the tub or me.

After such fantastical caresses, the towel that I dried off with felt scratchy and as rough as sandpaper, even though it was my favorite because of its usual fluffiness. I groaned as I dutifully dragged it along my body, removing whatever lingering gifts that liquid had to offer.

Once out of the heart of the desirable conditions, my head cleared enough for me to reach for my black silk robe, an impulse buy that had collected dust in the back of my closet until I'd gotten the courage to show my mom. That had been a mistake, because now I had to hide it from her. The sleeves were long and baggy, making sails under my arms whenever I lifted them even slightly. It stopped mid-thigh, giving me full access to my legs when I massaged lotion into the skin after shaving them hairless. I tied it loosely around my waist, pulling the material together just enough to create a suggestive V on my chest, more than hinting at my cleavage.

After I'd covered up again, I noticed there was still something out of place. After scanning every nook and cranny, I found the source.

The window on the opposite wall was small and had been covered with a shade that I'd never gotten the guts to open, for fear of a creep or perverted boys trying to catch a glimpse of me when I was most vulnerable. I'd covered it with a thin black curtain, which matched my color scheme of black and gold. It offered the nighttime effect I wanted, but the sun shone determinedly around the edges, a halo of light in my dark sanctuary.

That wasn't the case today, though. It was as dark as a moonless night, no beam of light pushing through the cracks. Curiously, I padded over to investigate. My breath hitched when I discovered a perfect rose. It's petals were rounded and begged me to stroke their velvety softness. The thorns had been picked out of the healthy green stem, leaving the beautiful flower defenseless. Its leaves were full with multiple sharp, precise endpoints zigzagging up the sides to meet at a peak at the top. A black ribbon was tied around the stem with another piece of parchment encircled in the silk. The ribbon matched the lightless color of the petals.

It wasn't a normal rose. It was as supernatural as the haze that had captured my undivided attention and left me breathless as the unworldly sensations. Still in my druggy state of mind, I gently tugged one of the hanging ends of ribbon. It fell apart in my hand, slipping to rest on the windowsill. Like before, the parchment unraveled, revealing the same cursive handwriting in the same daunting color.

Princess, I'm sorry I wasn't able to kill him when I had the chance. For some reason, my pair number held me back, something about scaring you. Your safety comes above all else to me, but my friend, Jace, wanted to make sure the first time we meet will be on good terms. Consider your luxurious bath my gift to you. I would say that I hope you enjoyed yourself, but I know that you did. Imagine having those feelings everyday? Tempting offer, isn't it?

I did promise you another day, though, didn't I? Oh, well, I will see you soon enough. Don't worry- I got my revenge on this James character for thinking he could kiss you. I'm sure you've heard he's in the hospital. I won't go into details, but know that he'll never touch you again, even if he had the chance. He's still suffering.

Now that I've taken care of my half of the problem, the other half is up to you. I clearly remember telling you to break up with your boyfriend. Only one more day, Princess. That's all I'm willing to give you. You're mine, and he'll be dealt with my way if you don't want to do it yourself. Tick tock, tick tock.

Preparations at my home are almost complete. I can't wait to have you there with me. I want you. I need you. I love you.


He was short this time, to the point. His direct words made me feel like they were more important, and it was clear he was getting impatient. I only had one more day. I would be taken tomorrow. I just knew it. How could I fight someone who could snap me into a wanton zombie with a little steam from a bath?

I crumbled under the guilt that submerged me. I was the reason James was in the hospital. I was going to be the reason Jake would have to nurse his broken heart tomorrow. I was the reason my mom would lose her only child, her daughter, her best friend. It was all my fault. Everything was on my shoulders, and my knees buckled under the weight of it.

I couldn't even write her a note, because I knew that X was watching me. She would be heartbroken. And Violet! My best friend would be unstable if I wasn't around to anchor her, and my disappearance would no doubt have her searching Hell and high water for me. Who would be around to stop her from punching anyone who stupidly got in her way when she was mad? Who would give her an Advil for her cramps at lunch because she never remembered her own? Who would she talk to about the latest gossip and make cookies with at two in the morning? Who would she cuddle with during scary movies that scared her into a trembling ball but she insisted to watch anyways?

I was at his mercy, whoever X was.

I knew that he'd watched me take my bath. I'd gotten the feeling someone had been studying me more than once, but I'd been too far gone in my overeager state of the bath to care. He'd placed the rose there when he came but had stayed for the show. I blushed, shameful.

"Why me?!" I cried, tears of frustration welling in my eyes. I screamed my confusion, anger, and sadness, the sounds animalistic. Why did my simple life have to turn into such a mess?

Why did X have to want me?

Why did James have to make a move now?

Why didn't Jake realize something was wrong with me?

Why hadn't I accepted Violet's offer to talk about whatever had me distracted?

Why did my mom have to be so wonderful, so that leaving her was so difficult, like I was leaving a part of my soul behind too?

I had no answers to any of these questions. I could've went back and deciphered his notes some more, but the thought of merely touching them, much less rereading his words over and over again, made my stomach turn.

When I lifted my head from my hands, tears dried up and body numb from crying, I knew that X wasn't human. Every tiny flame was waving chaotically, as if disturbed by my wet cheeks. They… They inclined towards me, reaching out, offering condolence. The steam was rushing from the tub, coming to wrap around me like a blanket, saturating my thin robe. It settled around me the way a blanket swaddled an infant, keeping me warm in the safety of its heat, no longer seductive, merely comforting.

For the first time, I saw him. He was in the darkest corner of the room, swamped with shadows. The outline of his body was tall and broad, thick coils of muscle adding bulk. I couldn't accurately judge his height, since I was on the floor, but he easily cleared six feet. I think he blew me a kiss, guessing by his hand motions. In the blink of an eye, X was gone.

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