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Updated: 2018-02-01 04:01

Attention ladies and gents...

For those too young or too innocent, I suggest you skip the last paragraphs, 'cause things are gettin' a little hot, if you know what I mean ;) thank you :)


I will find you...This I promise...

And I will give you back what rightfully belongs to you...

A small, stray tear fell on the screen as I looked down at the selfie Raph and I took together, our faces scrunched in two comical pouts, still remembering that specific moment.

"...hey, show me your best bitch face!

*camera clicks*

Hey, that's not a bitch face! You look like a constipated duck!"

My lips escaped a small giggle, the look on his face momentarily flashing before my eyes, leaving behind the saddened reflection in my mirror, that small smile wiping away just as quick as it came, replaced by another few, bitter tears.

Placing the phone back on the make-up table, I wiped away the salty wetness on my cheeks, suddenly feeling the small tingle on the inside of my wrist, my eyes instantly landing on the now slightly glowing mark.

...You are the only one who could ever stop Death...

My fingertips gingerly skimmed over the now more visible symbol, the soft touch of his fingers gliding over my shoulder instantly drawing my attention, raising my sight, only to notice those two midnight orbs staring right back into mine through the mirror.

My breath caught in my throat, feeling my heart-rate instantly going crazy, my entire body now visibly shaking.

"You're afraid of me, aren't you?" His voice came out so quiet, and raspy, taking a small step back, those hypnotising eyes still watching me, drinking in my every feature.

"It's ok...I don't blame you...

Not after what you saw...

The real me. What I really am..." He then added, his gaze slowly lowering somewhere on the floor, deep sorrow marring his beautiful features.

"I'm so sorry that you had to see that...

Hell, if I could've-"

"No I'm not.

I'm not...afraid..." I finally managed to croak out, slowly turning around to face him, my legs still shaking as I did so.

"Please, you don't have to lie...I know that you do...I've felt it...

I still can..." He carefully inched closer once again, gently placing his palm over my chest, my heart now slamming wildly underneath it.

"No, I'm-" Before I could finish that sentence

his waist, noticing exactly how aroused he was, wrapping my arms around his neck as I breathlessly whispered, "I want you to do...anything you want...with me..."

His lips instantly slammed against my own, fervently claiming my mouth, roughly cupping my rear, that slow, arousing friction causing all my senses go wild, craving for his touch, and with a quick move, I tore his loose tank top apart, those hard muscles being now on full display, to my utter delight.

Drunk with lust, he intensely watched me for a moment, those luscious lips slowly whispering, "Aren't you a wild little kitten..."

"My kitten..." He rasped, his mouth claiming mine once again, ripping off my t-shirt as well, moving further to trail hot kisses all over my skin, quickly getting rid of my booty shorts as well.

Watching him unbuckle his belt, my cheeks turned beet red, that specific action leaving me hot all over, nervously biting my lip, right before he craddled me in his embrace once again, our bodies finally connecting, my lips escaping moan after moan, whimper after whimper as we sensually moved, lost in each other's depths, drifting to the highest peaks of pleasure.


Whew...last chapter

I'm so happy that I finally finished this book, yet a little bit sad, bc I really loved writing it...

I hope u guys loved it just as much as I do, and I'll be waiting for your presence in Raph's sequel as well

Promise I'll rock your world there too ;)

Maybe we'll meet Blake and Raz there too, who knows?

Until next time, yours truly, Lala <

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