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Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 7458

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Deep silence floated between us, the time seeming to stop as we intensely stared at each other, frozen in our spots, my entire frame lightly shaking as I watched those now midnight blue eyes bore into mine, their ardour and longing leaving me utterly speechless.

The soft touch of a warm hand gingerly gripping my shoulder instantly broke me out of my trance-like state, only to notice my father standing right behind me as I quickly turned around, his warm gaze finding mine as he softly said, "Come on. We still have some damage to fix."

Blinking a few times, I then took a glance at our completely destroyed surroundings, obviously feeling a little skeptical.

This place is a complete mess...How is he expecting to fix it back?

" are we gonna do this?" I then asked, curiously eyeing him.

Offering me a warm smile, he gently stretched his hand for me to take, a simple, yet very meaningful question tumbling out his lips, "Do you trust me?"

One word. One word instantly crossed my mind, yet I remained silent, simply putting my much smaller palm in his, letting him help me get up, and though I still had no idea what was he up to, I followed him anyway as he walked a couple of steps further away from his brothers and mine, choosing a more clear space. And once we were standing face to face, he once again stretched his palms for me to take, holding that same warm, soft expression.

"Now, I want you to clear your mind, and focus, " He coaxed, peaceful warmth seeping through his skin wherever it made contact with mine, as my palms clasped his, standing close.

"On what?" I curiously asked, sounding rather like a small child, staring up at him.

"These streets, these...people. Imagine them safe, and sound, just like they used to be, before..." He quietly left the last words hanging in the air, his chocolate with a red ring irises briefly shifting to someone behind me, before they landed on me once again, and with a small nod, I slowly closed my eyes, doing as told.


Quietly watching the whole scene, I ultimately noticed how her eyes fluttered open, that vibrantly glowing green swirling in her irises, just like it did a few moments ago, when she sent the Horsemen back to

on her cute features.

"Wh...why?" I found myself asking, confusion still written all over my face as I simply stared back at her, still trying to comprehend who the hell was she.

"Well, everybody deserves to feel love, " She casually answered with a small shrug, her small head momentarily turning to Azrael, giving him a warm, kind smile, my cheeks bursting into flames as our eyes met for the briefest moment, those now midnight oceans giving me such an intense, burning look.

"So when Father came to me and asked me to make things happen and create someone for him, I knew it had to be you. Someone as strong as His first child, Michael, " She then proceeded to explain further, taking a few steps right towards me, her small hand reaching to grab mine, raising her chin, making it seem like she was staring into my eyes as she whispered, "You are the light to his darkness.

You are the only one who could ever stop him from falling. You are his greatest weakness. And also his strenght.

You are the only one who could tame his beast.

You are the only one who could ever stop Death."


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