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Gasping for air, my eyelids suddenly fluttered open, my whole body strangely feeling lighter than a feather. Small tingles still danced in the spot where Aleya's knife was supposed to be, but the moment I took a glimpse down, nothing was there anymore. Just my plain tank top, whole and untouched.


I stared at it for a few seconds, still trying to understand what the hell had just happened, but the moment I raised my sight and took a view at my surroundings, my lips suddenly escaped a small gasp, finding myself in a rather strange place.




My strained voice loudly echoed across the cold, deserted area, my sensitive eyes squinting through the dense mist, struggling to focus on the darkened shapes.

Tombstones. Tombstones everywhere.

What is this place?

"Hello?" I tried yet again, remotely taking a few steps forward, hoping to at least find someone in this wretched place.

And only after a few moments, a slender shadow appeared to be making its way right towards me, soon to reveal a young woman, wearing one of those same pure white robes.

Oh no...not again...

Cautiously taking a step back, I carefully observed her, watching how she gracefully carried herself, long, light brown locks framing her delicate face, forest green, piercing eyes warmly staring right back into mine.

"Hi, baby, " She warmly cooed, her voice sounding so suave, oddly calming, just like her entire presence.

However, not intenting to let myself get tricked again anytime soon, I warily eyed her as I asked, "Who are you lady?

And where are w

from mine, my cheeks instantly turned beet red in both shock and embarrasment as well, blinking a few times, before I stupidly uttered, "Raph?"

The ghost of a saddened smile danced on his carved features, vanishing away just as quick as it came, replaced by a hollow, cold look, those dark brown irises instantly becoming now completely black.

My breath hitched in my throat, suddenly feeling extremely uncomfortable by being so incredibly close to him, but before I even had the the time to react, he simply vanished into thin air.


Newsflash y'all

Since this book only has a few chapters left until its very end (hmm...or maybe a few more, idk)

Aaaanyway, I'm happy to announce that there will be a sequel, following our beloved Raph's story *yaay*


Also, since you guys seem to love our dear Lucifer so so much, I've thought about the possibility of him also having a sequel... So, if you want that to happen, leave a comment here and let me know <

Xoxo, Lala

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