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My breath suddenly stopped in my throat, feeling like my very essence was being squeezed out of me, as I stared wide-eyed at the horror scene unfolding right in front of my eyes.

Large ammounts of blood trailed down her bare legs, dripping on the lush green grass, also staining Aleya's pure white robe, and after only a few chocking sounds, her lifeless body fell down on the ground with a thud, Rick's desperate screams filling the gravely silent air.


My body slowly slumped down against the thick tree trunk, blinking a few times, finally free from Aleya's compulsion, still unable to register what just happened.

No...she can't be gone...

I took a glance at my brothers, noticing how Michael simply fell on his knees, defeated, blankly staring at his child's lifeless body, his eyes becoming glassy with unshed tears, while Gabriel sat against the nearest tree, mirroring my position, also too shocked to do anything at all.

"No, please be ok!

Please don't leave me!

Please, Blake!" Rick's desperate beggings suddenly drew my attention, watching how he was already at her side, craddling her dead body in his lap, her blood smearing all over him as he gently rocked her, hot tears falling down his cheeks.

She was gone...

We had failed...

I shakily exhaled, ultimately noticing how Azrael's form was now entirely morphed, becoming hi

se, his cries of battle echoing across the seas, while his blade dipped in the blood of the innocent shattered Peace.

Third, Famine crawled from the very depths of Hell itself, riding on a black horse, thriving from the desperate screams of those in pain, turning into useless dust all sustenace on Earth...

Fourth, Death's corpse-like pale horse descended from the thundering dark sky, trotting to his rightful owner, obediently lowering his head down to his master's feet, and once he mounted it, they all trotted away, bringing ultimate destruction to Earth.


Bonus chapteeeer everyone!

Oh my god I was so eager to share this part with you guys, so I squeezed my brains a little bit and here you go ?

Feel free to comment your thoughts about this chapter, and until next time, hugs and kisses to all of you my lovelies out there ???

Xoxo, Lala

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