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"So? What's it gonna be, brother?

Are we going to bid our goodbyes in good terms, or not?" Michael asked, expectantly eyeing the angel in front of us, watching how he nervously ran a hand through his dark locks, a lost look reflecting in his sea green irises.

A few moments of utter silence passed, before his shoulders slowly slumped in defeat, quietly saying, "I...I can't..."

"No. I will not carry the burden of destroying the entire human world." He lightly shook his head, keeping his gaze down, and after only a few seconds, his sorrow-filled gaze returned on Michael, as he truthfully said, "I am very sorry for placing you in this...this situation..."

A loud exhale escaped his lips, the silvery blade falling from his hands on the lush green grass as he turned to his companions, lightly shaking his head once again, "We'll just-"

"How dare you?" A feminine, high-pitched voice suddenly pierced through the air, seemingly not too far away, and the moment we snapped our heads in the direction it came from, a young, almost childish female slowly emerged from behind the thick trees, followed by other three males, all wearing long, pure white robes.

What the...

I rose one eyebrow, staring at them a little bit confused, assuming they were probably other angels, but the moment I took a glance around me, my mouth suddenly hung open, freezing in my spot, utterly dumbstruck.

Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer and Azrael, were all bowing their heads in respect towards the four youngsters, remaining perfectly silent.

What the hell?

Obviously thinking something bad was about to happen, Rick quickly shuffled from his spot right next to me, keeping me as close as possible to his body.

I hastily grabbed his hand, still warily eyeing the four seemingly young creatures as they gracefully advanced right towards us, their attention still trained on Micah.

"Amariel. Finish him." The white-haired female commanded with a simple flick of her wrist, and in the fraction of a second, one of the angels suddenly stood right in front of him, drawing one of those silvery blades they all usually carry right through Micah's chest, his violent screams briefly cutting through the air, a bright white light seeping from the wound, right before he simply wanished into thin air.

Holy shit...

I shakily whispered, staring wide-eyed at the whole scene, ultimately noticing how the young female's unusual ruby red eyes slowly averted towards me, her deathly pale complexion contrasting those hollow, completely red orbs making her appearance downright terrifiying.

"Child of Archangel Michael, please step forth, " She

denly butted in, as she harshly said, "See what you did?

You brought him back.

You sentenced him to an endless life.

Because of you, he will never pass through the Guarded Kingdom's gates, hence, he will never see his parents again."

My vision quickly turned blurry, lightly shaking my head as I turned my attention back on her, struggling to swallow the huge lump in my throat as I weakly tried to say, "I...I didn't...I didn't mean to...

I just wanted him back..."

"Well, he is back. And thanks to you, he'll be around for eternity." She stated, her mocking laughter making me want to punch the shit out of her, but in the very next moment, her annoying laughter suddenly died out, and with a serious tone, she uttered, "Okay, enough with this nonsense.

Now, let's get busy."

"No, wai-"

My father's pleading voice instantly died out, as he suddenly found himself slammed against the nearest tree by an unseen force, along with my other guardian archangels and brother, and before I could realise what was happening, cold hands touched my body, followed by a sharp, sickening pain right in the middle of my chest.


My gaze slowly trailed down, shockedly noticing the silvery blade deeply embedded in chest, wielded by a pale, slender hand, and the moment I looked up, those two ruby orbs coldly stared right back into mine, her freezing breath fanning on my face as she simply whispered, "Night, night, little nephilim."


Phew...this was a very tough one...and I accidentaly hit the publish button while writing ??????

Sorry for that

Hope you enjoyed it ? and I'm waiting for your thoughts ?

Promise to update ASAP

Until next time, Yours truly, Lala

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