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"No." The simple word firmly tumbled out his lips, the inhuman creatures intently watching our every move, while the guy holding that silvery blade frowned unsatisfied at my brother's response.

"No?" The angel's eyebrows shot up, curiously eyeing my brother, momentarily stopping his actions.

"Oh, I believe you heard me." He retorted, crossing his arms, obviously putting up a defiant stance.

"Mr. Summers, I'm afraid we are in the middle of a misunderstanding.

Hand us over the girl now, or there will be serious repercussions." The angel stated in a dangerously calm tone, my brother, however, seeming completely unaffected by the silent threat underlining his tone, as he carelessly fired back, "Like what?"

"I'm afraid we will have to use physical force."

"Oh, by all means, I'd like you to come and just fucking try!" He seethed, his voice sounding more determined and powerful than ever, swiftly pulling his Beretta 92 from the back of his jeans, tilting his head to the side as he pointed it straight towards our winged "friend".

"Very well." The angel simply nodded, clearly intenting to keep his promise, and I felt my brother's hand once again grabbing mine, this being his way of telling me "it's all gonna be fine", like always, though we definitely knew this time, it was not the case.

We both knew what was about to happen.

Yet, we refused to go down without a fight.

Not this time.

Not ever.

The angels slowly advanced towards us, forming a circle, and I slowly exhaled, briefly closing my eyes, trying to conjure every ounce of power left inside me, before I swiftly bent down and snatched the dagger I knew my brother always carried attached to his ankle, quickly straightening back up, then took a defensive position, keeping my body close to his, back to back.

The sound of his barrel clicking briefly pierced through the thick, tensed air, and my hand wrapped tighter around the dagger's handle, carefully watching the male creatures advancing towards my side, my heart pumping faster and faster with anticipation.

Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale. Exhale.

I kept chanting, not daring to give away the slightest tremble, refusing to show any sign of weakness as I calmly waited, preparing myself.

"What in Belzebub's name is going on here?"

That velvety, unmistakable voice suddenly stopped our every action, drawing our attention, and the very moment we looked up, our guardian arc

h slip from my body as I did so, that sense of security slightly diminishing. But once I reached the one celestial being who created me, that small sense of insecurity quickly washed away, the moment his fingers gingerly curled around my marked wrist, like I were the fragilest being ever to exist, those chocolate with a tinge of red irises watching me in the most affectionate, caring ways.

With careful movements, he beckoned me to stretch my hand out, and once Micah's emerald green orbs landed on the weird symbol, a deep frown suddenly marred his features.

"You will be punished for this!" He instantly seethed, his eyes quickly darting to Azrael, who simply rolled his eyes in obvious annoyance at the angel's statement, making me feel strangely amused by his reaction.

"Now...Do you really wish to watch this world burn to the ground?" Michael then asked, quickly averting Micah's attention back on us, a wild look on his face, as he alarmingly replied, "Sir, I believe you don't understand. If we fail to complete this task, we will face eternal torture!"

Hearing his words, Michael firmly crossed his bulky arms over his chest, a determined look displaying on his angelic features, as he simply stated in a dangerously calm tone, "Well, touch one strand of her fiery streaks, and I promise to you I will rip that grace out of you with my bare hands."


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