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"Me? I don't understand...How is this all my fault?

And when did Rick die? Last time I saw him, he was pretty much alive!" He stared back at me, completely confused, the sounds of our brothers fighting still present in the background.

I loudly exhaled, briefly closing my eyes, and though he was already irritating me to no end, I decided to at least enlighten him about that situation, "Well, this douchebag, " I pointed straight towards Gabriel, -who by the way was already covered in bruises, barely healing in between Azrael's violent kicks- before I carried on with my explanation, "said something that triggered Rick's rage. And Rick being Rick, like always, simply punched Azrael, resulting his own death. But thankfully, your miracle child brought him back to life. End of story.

Happy now?" I now placed my hands on my hips, watching him simply staring at me wide-eyed, for just a few moments.

"Wait, what?

She brought him back? My Seline brought him back?" He incredously shouted, obviously astonished after all I've just told him.

"Well, yeah,

w times, utterly dumbstruck, too astonished to even let out a single word.

A loud thud followed, instantly drawing our attention, our heads snapping in unison towards the source, ultimately noticing how Gabriel tiredly fell on his knees on the hard-wooden floor, obviously dropped by Azrael, who now suddenly stood frozen, absently staring at the wall in front of him, moments before he uttered in a deadly serious tone, "Something's not right.

We have to go. Now."

Oh no. Blake.


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