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   Chapter 71 NO.71

Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 6096

Updated: 2018-02-01 03:55

Small, unshed tears gathered in my eyes, watching him mercilessly throw punch after punch in Gabriel's face, way too fast, without even giving him the time to take a proper breath, let alone defend himself.

"Azrael, please..." I quietly whispered, hoping he would listen and stop.

Much to my dismay, that didn't happen. Instead, he kept violently kicking him again and again and again, blinded by pure, lethal rage.

And though he was the younger sibling, it was pretty obvious he was the one holding much more strength...maybe way too much...

Please, stop...

I mentally prayed, helplessly watching the horror scene unfold right in front of my eyes, while the other archangels currently occupying the same room were doing absolutely nothing to stop them.

"Look what you did!

Are you happy now?" Lucifer's accusing tone suddenly butted in the swirling chaos, his stormy grey eyes intensely watching his elder brother.

"What I did?

Brother, what are you talking about?" Michael simply asked back, giving him nothing but a curious stare.

"You sent him!

You sent him to guard your child, and instead, he only made things worse!

A human died because of him!"


"Yes, because of his ginormous pie hole, Rick died!

And don't give me that look, you know it's all your fault!

You and your crappy way of handling things!"

"Me? I..."

I slowly closed my eyes, muting the two distinct voices arguing, alongside Gabriel's pained groans and the sickening sounds of Azrael's violent kicks, finally letting my tears run free all over my cheeks.

They were fighting because of me.

I did this.

This is all my fault...

I did this...

Chocking back a sob, I quickly turned around, running like my life depended on it, in my wake faintly hearing someone calling my name. Still, I

there, tightly holding each other, relishing in each other's presence.

A firm, loud clap of hands suddenly teared through the eerily silence, both our heads instantly snapping towards the direction it came from, utterly noticing a young, inhumanly handsome man, casually leaning against a tree, his piercing gaze intensely fixating us both.

"Ookay, family reunion is over now, children." He calmly said, retrieving the silvery dagger attached to his combat pants, then started to skillfully flip it through the air, my heart rate instantly increasing, Rick's body instinctively moving closer to mine, in a protective manner.

"Erick Summers, please step aside and hand us over the girl." Another masculine voice suddenly boomed from somewhere not too far away, seconds before we ultimately noticed another inhumanly handsome male emerging from behind a tree, followed by several others.


My brother's warm hand slowly grabbed mine, giving me a reassuring smile, his honey pools intensely watching mine for a moment, giving me that same look I already knew too damn well.

It was on.

Once again, just the two of us against the world.


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