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"Wait...but...what happens when I'll get old and die?" I thoughtfully stared up at him, hugging the immaculate white sheets against my bare chest, waiting for his answer.

Those plump, inviting lips formed a light smile, his deep blue oceans intently watching me as he calmly answered, "You can't. Not anymore."

Right before I felt his hand slowly grab my wrist, his slender finger lightly tapping against the mark, making me quickly realise exactly what he meant.

"But...what if another angry archangel shows up and actually manages to kill me?" I then asked, still not convinced.

"I hightly doubt that anyone would be stupid enough to piss me off like that, but if that ever happens, then I'll happily bring down those damn gates, alongside Raziel..." He sincerely promised, his intense gaze slowly lowering to my lips, and eager to feel them again, he then positioned his equally unclothed body above mine, supporting himself on his elbows, careful not to crush me with his weight.

"The things you make me do..." He huskily whispered, still staring at my lips, completely hypnotised, seconds before he placed another small, yet passionate kiss, simply taking my breath away...

So sweet...

So perfect...

I slowly closed my eyes, enjoying every second of that perfect moment, until he slowly pulled back, those intense blue oceans boring into mine, as he simply looked down at me, drinking in my every feature.

Unable to contain myself, I suddenly blurted out, "I hope you do realise that you're having inappropriate feelings for your own niece, right?

I don't know about your world, but in ours, this is illegal."

I watched how his face fell, blinking a few times, utterly dumbstruck, moments before he seriously tried to say, "Blake, I told you, we do not share-"

Before he could even finish, I finally escaped a small laugh, totally amused by his reaction, "Yeah, yeah, I know. I was just messing with you.


My eyes instantly widened, gasping at his harsh words, already feeling Azrael's bubbling anger creeping right through my veins, making me quickly snap my attention to him, noticing the way his deep blue oceans swiftly changed to obsidian, only highlighting his desire to fight his brother.

"Raz, no." I quietly whispered, giving his warm hand the faintest squeeze, coaxing him to calm down, because though Luc's words hurt like hell, I really didn't want to see them fight.

It just didn't feel right.

He reluctantly gave up, feeling him gradually calm down, but before I could even release the breath I was holding, that Gabriel douchebag suddenly appeared out of nowhere, his gaze instantly darting straight to us, feeling once again Azrael's overwhelmingly intense emotions flow right through me, his anger now increasing tenfold.

Oh shit.

"You." He seethed, and in the blink of an eye, he was already in front of him, throwing a solid punch, sending him flying to the nearest wall.


There you go, another chapter

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