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"Are YOU trying to tell me that MY parents died without even knowing their true daughter was dead this whole time?"

He simply kept his mouth closed shut this time, his silence being enough of an answer for Rick.

"FUUUCK!" He roared, swinging his arm towards the ceramic vase sitting on the small table beside the couch, and I watched it fly and crash against the wall, shattering into million pieces, the sound making me flinch.

A forceful wave of wrath was soon released upon the entire house, as he stormed outside the office, everything shattering into pieces in his path, as he kept cursing and kicking at everything in his way.

I quickly followed, wiping the half-dried tears off my cheeks with the back of my hand, running after him as I tried to catch up and at least confort him.

"Ricky, wait!"

I grasped his arm, momentarily stopping him in his tracks, intenting to just wrap my arms around him, but the moment he turned around, my heart stopped for a second.

Livid honey brown pools were staring right back into mine, drowned in unshed tears, rage and despair rolling off him in waves, and in the blink of an eye, his gun barrel was suddenly pressing against my forehead, forcing a small gasp escape my lips.

Wrapping my hand around the barrel, I pressed it even harder against my skull, our laboured breaths mingling in the tensed silent air between us, as we intensely stared at each other.

"Do it!"

"Just fucking do it!" I angrily screamed from the top of my lungs, tears brimming in my eyes as I defiantly stared up at him, gripping tighter around the cold metal in my hand.

His hand lightly trembled on the gun, hot tears finally streaming down his cheeks, seconds before he shakily whispered, "Get out..."

I blinked a few times, still staring up at him, dumbfounded, before he said it again, this time screaming like a crazed lunatic, "GET OUT! ALL OF YOU! JUST GET THE FUCK OUT!"

"FUCK YOU!" I angrily screamed back, then turned around and ran down the main hallway straight towards the main entrance, loudly slamming the front door behind me, then ran straight to Luc's car, getting inside, and as soon as I closed the door, hot tears streamed down my face again, loudly sobbing, while I just sat there, in silence, replaying over and over again in my head Michael's words, and the way my own brother just tried to plant a fucking bullet in my brains.


Blinded by rage, I repeatedly slammed my fists against the glove compartiment, to the point where my skin cracked open on my knuckles, small droplets of blood dripping on the square, small carpet underneath my feet.

"You're bleeding."

My head snapped towards the driver's seat door, noticing Luc now standing right at the entrance, his stormy grey eyes intently staring at my bleeding knuckles.


stretched my hand, reaching to touch them.

They felt so soft, so silky underneath my fingers, as I slowly traced a few feathers, not failing to also notice the faintest shudder his body gave away.

His wings then suddenly retracted, leaving behind nothing but those two identical scars, surrounded by those tattoo-like weird symbols.

"What do they mean?" I quietly asked, gently tracing with my index finger one of the unusual markings.

"My destiny. What I was created to do." He simply answered, standing still at my brief examination.

"You mean your fate is written all over your back?"


"Wow..." I quietly exclaimed under my breath, gently tracing with my finger over a few of the many symbols, until he slowly turned around, his hands gingerly grabbing my wrists, those deep blue gemstones staring back into mine as he sincerely said, "I'm sorry. For everything.

If I had just left you alone, you were now still at your home, sound and safe..."

"Yeah, living a big, nasty lie." I hurriedly answered back, slightly frowning.

"This is not your fault...

I think this was bound to happen, eventually, since I'm not even entirely human..." I quietly mumbled the last part, mostly to myself, for the millionth time this day remembering that I was the first archangel's freaking offspring.

Fucking unbelievable...

His strong, bare arms slowly went around my waist, pulling me in a warm, tight embrace, feeling his hard muscles lightly press against my body, and after only a moment, his lips slowly brushed against my earlobe as he whispered, "I remember what you said today, back at the graveyard."


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