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I watched him absently twirl the glass of bourbon in his hand, the two ice cubes clinking inside, his stormy grey eyes blankly staring right through the wall in front of him.

"You seem...sad." I observed, absently running a hand through my still damp hair, taking a seat on a comfy chair, remembering how they all remained silent during our drive back to our place, barely even looking at each other, let alone speak.

He let out a tired sigh, placing his glass on the small table in front of the couch, then leaned back, still pensively staring somewhere down.

"I lost a brother today..." He quietly said, still not meeting my gaze, making me somehow feel slightly guilty, though I couldn't even fathom why.

"I...I'm sorry for your loss..." I weakly said, lowering my eyes on my lap, fiddling with the hem of my light blue flowered dress.

"It's ok...It's not your fault...

And I know I would've done the same thing though, if I were in my brother's position..." He quickly answered, leaving no space for doubt, though I could still sense the deep sadness underlining his smooth, velvety voice.

"Who was he anyway?" I then asked, still a little bit confused, after all that happened.

"He was a fallen...

The reason we aren't allowed to have any type of relationships with humans.

That rule was set because of him.

He was the first one who ever commited that sin." He calmly explained, while I quietly listened, recalling those moments, back at the graveyard.

"B-but what did he want from me?" I blurted out, cringing a little as I remembered those nasty things that guy said he wanted to do to me.

"It's said that if a child born from an unlikely union, like yourself, and an archangel would ever procreate, their offspring would be the most powerful creature any realm has ever seen...

And since you are..."

Before he could go any further, I hurriedly stopped him, not wanting to hear the last part of that sentence.

"No. Please don't. Just please don't say it..."

I just couldn't face the reality...Not yet...

He slowly nodded, granting my wish, and after only a few moments of deafening silence, I quietly asked, "He wanted revenge, didn't he?"

I watched how his truly beautiful features contorted into a frown, as he bitterly said, "He was just a stupid kid...he didn't even knew what he wanted..."

"Hell, if I just tried harder..." He frustratedly muttered to himself, nervously running a hand through his lush, ebony hair, his stormy grey eyes becoming glassy with unshed tears.

My chest tightened, watching him suffer so greatly, momentarily remembering how it felt like, the day I lost my brother, even if it was for only a few hours.

And without even giving it a second thought, I got up and ran straight towards the couch, plopping myself on it right next to him, then wrapped my arms around him, giving him a small, warm hug.

Blinking back small tears, I whispered in his shoulder,

ust as quick as it came, as his gaze momentarily lowered somewhere on the floor, seeming like he was briefly recalling some old, distant memories.

"But then, due day came...

She started feeling worse by the second, and by the time we had arrived to the hospital, she could barely even breathe...Yet she fought to have you...

Our sweet little Seline." His lips now stretched into a light, yet warm smile, staring down at me like a proud father at his little cub.

In that moment, I just wanted to scream my fucking name is Blake! However, I chose to restrain myself and at least let him finish the story.

"There was also a young woman, who had also come to give birth. She was so thrilled to meet her baby girl, and she kept gushing about how happy will be her son to meet his baby sister...

Sadly, that never happened, for her baby girl was already dead, before she could even take her first breath of air...

Same fate awaited my sweet Nat, shortly after she pushed our baby girl into this world, leaving me in great pain, and with a child I could never claim as one of my own...

I knew that if I would've kept her, we would've been hunted, and they wouldn't stop before they would've killed her...

So I did the only thing I could do at that moment...

I switched the babies, making a mother happy that she would get back home with a healthy baby girl, while my Nat was declared dead right after labour, along with the child."


Hey you guys, so I've been asked why Blake is 20 and in school...(in college, actually)

So... here's the thing...To clear everything out, in my country, we finish high-school at 18, and college at 22-23, depending on where you choose to go ( at med, for example, you could finish at almost 30... yeah, that's how hard is to become a doctor)

So...I hope everything is cleared up now

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask

Xoxo, Lala

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