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Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 3803

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I screamed from the top of my lungs, wildly thrashing in the fucker's hands, watching the one I shared a bond with, suffering in great agony. His pained screams echoed across the whole graveyard, his fingers deeply digging in the soft green grass, and after only one heave, thick dark, crimson blood streamed from between his lips, forming a big puddle on the ground.

"Please, stop!" I begged between tears, roughly tugging at his hand holding my branded wrist, my heart constricting in pain as I watched the great ammount of pain Raz was going through.

I couldn't take it anymore...I felt like someone had teared through my flesh, painfully twisting my insides...

"Please...stop... Stop hurting him..." I quietly begged once again, deep down hoping he would be at least merciful, and end my angel's suffering.

His siblings helplessly watched the entire scene, alongside my brother, reluctant to take any step closer, obviously fearing for my life.

"That's why you wanted her? To have your stupid bastard?" I watched Raph spit disgusted, probably trying to somehow pull a diversion, and apparently, it worked, feeling


The sound of a rough masculine, oddly familiar voice gently rang in my ears like the sweetest lullaby, everything seeming to suddenly stop for a moment, sending me somewhere back in time, the image of a distant memory momentarily flashing before my eyes, the vibration of a masculine humm and a distinct scent of sandalwood filling my senses.

Who the fuck is Seline?

My gaze absently darted towards Luc, who was now staring somewhere past me, his steely orbs holding an overwhelmingly intense, yet unreadable emotion, as he quietly uttered, "Michael."


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