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A week later...

My bare feet dangled in the air, barely touching the natural green carpeted ground, as I sat in the swing Ricky made for me a few years ago, in our backyard.

It was a warm, peaceful night, but for some very upsetting reason, I couldn't sleep. So I just sneaked outside, trying to clear my head a little.

The moon peeked from between the thick branches, its rays dancing on the lush green grass, giving it a light shine.

I pushed with my toes once again, letting the warm breeze caress every uncovered area of my skin, as I slowly rocked, back and forth.

I lightly smiled, feeling like a child again, for once feeling so carefree and calm...

Unfortunately, that didn't last long...In the very next moment, I remembered for the millionth time this day, that tomorrow was my birthday...And also the day my parents died...

Or should I say, my adoptive parents?

No, no, my true parents are Richard and Melinda Summers.

I refuse to believe that some fancy-ass mighty Archangel is my father.

My parents are-

A sudden strike of excruciating pain shot through my chest once again, making me collapse right on my knees, heaving like a granny with asthma.


Not again!

My thin arms lightly trembled, as I weakly tried to push myself back up, only to no effect, once again finding myself in a very vulnerable moment.


I angrily shouted in my mind, in that specific moment imagining myself with my hands around his neck, strangling the hell out of him.

Why can't it just...stop?

Why? Why do I keep feeling like this?

I tried one last time to push myself back up, only to achieve the same result; nothing. So I simply gave up and sat down, just waiting for it to pass.

Only it washed away sooner than I thought.

The very familiar sensation of a warm hand touching my shoulder broke me out of my trance-like state, and the moment I looked up, the only one who could take that stupid pain away stood right in front of me.

Bending down, he then gingerly grabbed my shoulders and helped me get up to my feet, slowly taking a step back, only after he made sure I was okay.

I kept thinking about that weird, incredibly strong bond we shared, wondering about

eadable emotion.

"Let's just say, I took that annoying pain away." He finally answered, giving me a light smile, making it seem like everything was now perfectly fine. Still, there was something I couldn't quite decipher in his eyes telling me otherwise...

However, I chose to let it go, for now.

Noticing him take a step back, a sudden urge to pull him right back shot through me, my mind practically screaming at me to make him stay.

Come on!

Come on, Blake! Don't be a coward, just like the last time! Say it!

Say it already!

"Umm...c-can you p-please stay?" I finally opened my mouth, stuttering uneasy, lightly squirming in my spot, feeling my cheeks quickly turn a deep shade of red.

He warmly smiled, small dimples forming on his cheeks, seconds before he quickly walked straight towards me, and without a single warning, he simply wrapped his muscular arms around me, pulling me in a warm, comforting embrace, giving me a sense of safety, for once, after all this time, feeling like nothing and no one could hurt me...

"As long as you want me, I'll always be around."


Phew...another chap...

Ladies and gents, (well, I guess mostly ladies :))))) prepare yourselves for what is about to come...

Shit's about to go doooowwwnnn

That's it, enough with the spoiler alert, and I promise to post the next chapter in about a week

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