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   Chapter 61 NO.61

Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 6343

Updated: 2018-02-01 00:28

At first, I thought it would be easy to just fight it, and that it would eventually pass, but the truth was, it only got worse...

As the days passed by, I kept having these sudden strikes of excruciating pain, making their appearance at the worst moments.

And though they were almost unbearable, I still kept fighting, even taking pain-killers, struggling to simply ignore them...

Until one day...

"Are you coming?" Leila's child-like voice now sounded like she had walked a mile away, as I kept feeling that sickening pounding only increasing in my skull.

We were supposed to drive back home together, since we went to school this morning together, with her car.

People were hurriedly passing by us, as all the classes were already over, some of them accidentally bumping my shoulder, making it hard for me to even stand straight.

"No, you go ahead.

I'm going to the bathroom to pee." I quickly lied, forcing out a small smile, struggling to appear as calm as possible, though on the inside, I was already feeling another wave of excruciating pain threatening to wash all over me once again.

"Do you want me to wait for you?" She insisted, making me internally groan in annoyance, before I calmly answered, "No, I'll be fine.

Guess I'll just take the bus, or something."

I knew what was about to come, and I definitely didn't want to worry her more than she already was...These past few weeks have been enough tormenting for her.

"Great. Yeah, okay then." She slowly nodded, finally giving up, and the moment she turned around to leave, I bolted straight towards the bathroom, hurrying to hide myself in there, preparing for another wave of pure torment.

I quickly got inside and the moment I realised I was all alone in there, I hurriedly locked the entrance, then walked in front of one of the sinks and splashed some cold water on my face, trying to cool off a

air between us becoming even more and more tensed by the second.

My mind was screaming please don't leave me, but unfortunately, nothing came out my lips. I simply couldn't...

So without a single word, he turned around, slowly walking towards the balcony and in the blink of an eye, gone.

A small knock on my door suddenly pulled me out of my trance state, and with a startle, I hurriedly answered, "Come in!"


My brother's worried expression appeared from behind the door, noticing how his features softened a little, the moment his honey eyes landed on me.

"Yes?" My voice sounded strangely squeaky, and I quickly dragged the comforter close to my chest, stupidly trying to somehow cover my embarrasment.

"Oh, thank god." He hurriedly walked towards the bed, taking a seat at the edge, and with an obviously worried tone, he frantically tried to explain, "Leila called me earlier, and she told me that you were acting kinda weird, and-"

"Rick." I abruptly cutt him off, quickly drawing his attention.


I simply gave him a small, genuine smile, before I calmly assured him, "I'm fine. I am perfectly fine."

For once, after all this time, I finally felt fine...


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