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He slowly, hesitantly turned the doorknob, and I took a deep breath, moments before we finally got inside, looking at the grand imposing hall.

Our footsteps echoed in unison on the marble floor, as we slowly walked further, gazing around like two strangers in our own home...

It felt so relieving, and yet so weird to be back in our own place...

It's been only two weeks, and yet I felt like it's been years since I lastly walked around in these all-too-familiar rooms.

Lemon scented detergent and cookies...

My lips lightly curled up in a pleased smile, that same well-known scent filling up my nostrils as I took another deep breath, closing my eyes for a brief moment.

Home sweet home...

I mentally whispered, moments before a small sob suddenly teared through the peaceful silence, quickly drawing our attention, and the moment we looked up, the only two persons we missed the most were now staring right back at us from the top of the stairs, looking like they've seen a ghost.

"Oh god!" Rosie's small, trembling voice whimpered, her delicate palm covering her mouth, and in the very next second, she rapidly descended the stairs, hurrying straight towards us with Kieran right on her tail.

"Oh my god!" She cried yet again, breaking into a fit of loudly crying, and wrapped her arms around both our waists, holding us both tightly while she wept on my shoulder.

Tears prickled in my eyes as I kept listening to her loud sobs, wrapping my arms around her slender, fragile figure.

"Oh god! My babies!

I thought you were dead!" She cried, raising her sight to look at us both, hot tears still streaming down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry...for making you suffer like this..." I quietly said between tears, slowly leaning my forehead against her shoulder, relishing in her homey scent.

"Speaking of...Where were you guys?" Kieran's gruff voice now butted in, as Rosie made him some space to move closer and give us a hug too.

Hearing that simple yet difficult question, Ricky and I stared at each other for a few moments, silently debating if we should tell them or not, before we finally agreed and with a simple nod, Ricky then finally

why everybody was staring at it like it was the plague, the moment they firstly saw it, " I jokingly muttered, watching him lightly shake his head after hearing my words, letting out a small laugh.

I quickly found myself laughing a little as well, remembering the look on Luc's face, the moment he firstly saw it, back at the beach house, and unconsciously traced my thumb over the scar-like mark, feeling every outline. But in the very next second all our laughter suddenly died out, the moment I felt a sharp pang of sickening pain striking right through my chest, forcing a small cry escape my lips, and I suddenly bent forwards, clutching tightly onto Raph's broad shoulders as I desperately gasped for air.

His dark brown irises filled with concern as he watched me practically struggle to endure the pain, his big warm hand soothingly caressing my cheek.

"W-what's happening to me?" I whimpered, staring up at him, small tears already prickling at the corners of my eyes.

Without a single word, he simply brought his fingers right over my forehead, gingerly gliding them over my skin, and after only a moment of silence, he finally explained, "It's the bond. It is affecting you...

His grace wants to be close to its rightful owner.

And since you're denying it...

Well, let's just say it's not exactly happy about it."


Oh great. Just fucking wonderful.


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