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I glanced one last time back at Luc's beach house, memories of all the good and the bad things that happened during our stay here momentarily flashing before my eyes, making me escape a small, stray tear, before I turned around and opened the front passenger seat door, instantly welcomed by Ricky's warm smile, as he looked right back at me, from the driver's seat, "Took you long enough, "

I simply gave him a small smile back, though on the inside, I was already on the verge of crying, for the millionth time remembering how I almost lost him, just a few days ago.

I still have no idea how did I even managed to bring him back...

All I know, is that somehow, I managed to give him the "Breath of Life" -which I still don't know what the hell that even means, by the way, or if it has something to do with Azrael's grace practically living within me...Either way, I'm thankful as hell that I did it.

"Are you getting in or what?" That oh-so-familiar voice suddenly broke me out of my drifting thoughts, but the moment my gaze raised back on him, I suddenly found myself looking at his ten-year-old self, giving me once again that childish, yet cocky smile.

My whole world stopped for a moment, hot tears already making their way down my cheeks while I simply stood there, staring at him, shocked.


"Oh god, Blake!"

His worried tone rang in my ears a few times, yet I could barely register the moment he jumped out of the car, and in the next second, his strong arms were already wrapped around me, his thin lips touching my forehead as he soothingly whispered, "Shh, it's ok...I'm here..."

"I...I..." I struggled for words, but unfortunately, nothing coherent came out. Just loud sobs and a few whimpers.

"P-please don't try to leave me again..." I finally managed to speak between hiccups, clutching tightly on his shirt, burrying my face in the crook of his neck.

"Never." He silently promised, holding me tighter to his chest, his warm hands soothingly rubbing circles on my back.

We simply stood there in silence for what seemed like hours, enjoying each other's comforting embrace, until a masculine, also very familiar voice suddenly broke us out of our peaceful trance.

"Everything ok?"

I quickly turned my head on a side, noticing Luc, who now stood just a few feet away from us, an obviously concerned expression displaying on his perfect features as he watched us both.

"Sure, " I gave him a reassuring smile, quickly wiping the wetness off my cheeks.

"Are we g

reams... All four of them, slowly destroying every single life form on Earth...

My whole body was already trembling by now, hearing my own ragged breathings, as I stared up at him, wide-eyed.

A flash of hurt instantly crossed his beautiful face, his warm hand gently releasing my arm, slowly taking a step back, giving me some space.

Since that damned day, things went kinda awkward between us, so we grew somehow cold and distant, mostly avoiding each other.

Obviously, until now.

"Sorry..." He silently apologised, and I watched how his strong jaw clenched, while he quickly averted his gaze somewhere else, obviously trying to avoid mine.

But I didn't say anything, so we simply stood there, in a very tensed silence, until I finally decided to open my mouth, "So...Aren't you going to get punished now...for...what you did?" I asked in a small, somehow embarrased tone, enough for him to understand exactly what was I reffering to.

He let out a heavy, audible sigh, moments before he finally answered, "Probably...

I don't care anyway."

"My soul is yours now.

So as long as you're safe, nothing else matters." He truthfully said, his deep blue irises holding such intense emotion as he unconsciously took a step closer, his hand reaching to touch me once again, but the moment he realised what he was about to do, he tightly balled his hands into fists at his sides for a moment, then quickly shoved them in his jeans pockets, forcefully taking a step back.

It was pretty obvious, this was hurting him just as much as it was hurting me...

Still, I couldn't seem to let myself approach him again...


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