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Updated: 2018-02-01 00:24

This song's been so inspiring for me

Hope you'll enjoy it too

Xoxo, Lala




No, don't do this to me, Rick, please!!"


"Please, don't leave me!"


We all watched in silence, completely powerless, while she kept screaming and desperately crying, begging for him to come back, her desperate screams filling the gravely silent air, piercing right through our hearts.

My chest constricted in pain, watching her small arms craddling his lifeless body to her chest, her tears falling right over his pale face, making it seem like even he was crying.

In my entire eternal life, I have never felt such sadness...such overwhelming pain...


"Please come back to me..."

She kept desperately begging, her petite frame lightly shaking while she kept loudly sobbing, holding him even tighter to her chest.

"I...I'm..." Gabriel's quiet, sadened tone briefly cut in between her loud sobs, seconds before I quickly silenced him, "Just leave. You have done enough damage here."

My gaze then averted towards my dear brother, watching him kneel, defeated, his deep blue orbs lifelessly sta

is own tightly to her chest, as she sat there in silence, gazing down at him.

"I love you." She whispered just above his already bluish lips, moments before she lowered even closer, gingerly pressing her own against his.

And then, the unthinkable happened.

The faint sound of a sharp intake of breath suddenly cut through the deep silence, moments before her own doe eyes closed, her body lifelessly collapsing on the cold floor, in a deep slumber, causing me to froze and remain rooted in my spot, simply staring, utterly shocked.

She did it.

She managed to give him the Breath of Life.


Whoooh...two in a row...

Told you guys to have faith though *wink*

Heads up for what's up next, 'cause shit's about to go doooown

Xoxo, Lala

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