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   Chapter 53 NO.53

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Citrus and pepermint...

That same fresh, masculine scent I grew to absolutely love was once again filling up my senses, giving me a warm, peaceful feeling and as soon as my eyelids grew open, I found myself looking at the owner.

His perfectly sculpted features seemed so soft, so peaceful, unlike mostly of the times he was awake, his calm, steady breathings lightly fanning over my forehead, as I was resting my head against his bare chest.

My eyes then slowly trailed downwards, from his muscular chest, towards his swoon-worthy six-pack, and then to his muscular v-line, dissapearing somewhere underneath the white sheets covering the lower half of his completely naked body, images of the unholy things he did to me last night momentarily flashing before my eyes, making my cheeks turn a deep shade of red, and a slight tingle crossing my lower stomach.

Wow...I still can't believe we actually did that.

"Are you ok?"

The sound of his husky morning voice suddenly broke me out of my trance, startling me, and I slowly nodded against his chest, too embarrased to even look up at him, as I quietly answered, "Y-yeah...w-why wouldn't I be?"

"Your heart..." He mumbled, making me raise one eyebrow, though he couldn't see that.

"Hm? W-what?" I stuttered, lightly shifting in my spot.

"Your heart...Is beating very fast." He calmly muttered, his slender fingers gently tracing the entire lenght of my bare arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps, right before I quickly rose up, leaning on my elbow, as I curiously asked, "Wait, what? You can hear that?"

A small shrug. That's all he managed to do in response, before my eyes met his deep blue ones, staring at him, utter

ling an odd sting on the inside of my left wrist, making him quickly scoot away, moving to sit next to me.

"What's wrong?" He worriedly asked, frantically searching for any trace of injury all over my body.

"God, it burns!" I cried, holding my wrist tightly to my chest, feeling like something was burning my skin.

"Here, let me see, " He gently pleaded, gingerly taking my hand in his.

But the moment his gaze lowered on my wrist, his eyes widened, an unreadable emotion crossing his sculpted features, while he simply stared, unmoved.

"What's wrong?"

No answer.


"N-no. This is impossible..." His mouth finally opened, uttering those single words.

What the hell!

I stared at him, for a brief moment, utterly confused, before my eyes landed on my wrist, finally noticing the angry red weird symbol bravely standing out on my already irritated skin.

"What in the fucking hell is this?"


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