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   Chapter 43 NO.43

Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 4202

Updated: 2018-02-01 00:16

"We're here." He announced, pulling over the black SUV on the nearest parking spot, then got out of the car as I did the same, taking in my surroundings, ultimately noticing we were currently on a larger, cobblestone street, filled with different small shops on each side.

Not even bothering to check if he was following, I started to slowly walk down the street, gazing around, until I spotted a very nicely decorated shop, with some cute outfits exposed in the window, so I decided to walk in, and search for some clothes.

I then went to the nearest rack of clothes, and as soon as I started searching, I suddenly felt another presence, so I lifted my eyesight, noticing a young girl, looking around my age, or maybe older, warmly smiling at me, "Hola." She greeted with a thick latino accent, and I responded in the same way, smiling back, "Hola."


(Do you want...)

Was all she said, before she suddenly stopped herself, once her eyes landed on Azrael, who was now standing right next to me, her plump lips slightly parted, as her piercing dark brown eyes kept shamelessly roaming all over him, seeming like she was ready to pounce on him any moment now.

Yeah, you can stare all you want, missy.

I smirked knowingly, for once

e table what seemed like a tarrot card, only it had some weird symbols instead of the usual descriptive drawings.

"Her soul is bound to yours...

Interesting..." She muttered mostly to herself, not sparing a single glance at the card lying on the table, still keeping her gaze fixated towards the window.

Okay, this is getting seriously weird right now.

She then flipped yet another card, just like the last time, not even bothering to look down at it, and with a deadly serious tone, she said, "You'll have to protect her...

Your kind is coming after her..."

Just as those words escaped her wrinkled lips, I instantly felt his fingers curling around my arm, drawing my attention, lightly tugging at it, coaxing me to move, as he said, "Come on. Let's go back home."


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