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   Chapter 42 NO.42

Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 5793

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Damn, I look like a five year old that stole mom's clothes.

I stared at myself in the mirror for the millionth time, checking the supposed "outfit" Raph provided me, frowning unsatisfied.

It was a summer white dress, that was supposed to cling tightly on my torso, and fall just above my knees, but because I was thinner and smaller than the average at my age, it fell loosely on my petite body, the thin straps constantly slipping over my shoulders, threatening to completely fall off any moment.

Damn, I really need to buy some proper clothes. I can't walk around looking like this.

Ugh, damn you, Luc.

Why did you had to drag us here, to god-knows-where, without even letting us pack anything at all?

Slipping on my soft pink chucks, I checked my outfit one last time, before exiting my room, intenting to go find Raph and drag him to go shopping with me.

So I went down the hallway, and knocked at his door a few times, only to receive no response.

Hmm, maybe he's already downstairs.

I shrugged, then headed towards the staircase, casually noticing that the whole house seemed eerily quiet. Maybe too quiet.

This is strange...

No voices, no TV sounds, no nothing. It seemed like the house was completely empty.

What the hell? Where is everybody?

As I reached the bottom, I hurried towards the kitchen, only to also find it empty.

Okay, this is weird.

I then strode in the living room, frantically searching with my eyes, almost missing the bare foot stretched on the couch armrest, making me sigh in relief, knowing that at least one of the guys was home.

Only when I took another few steps, peering over the backrest, my mood suddenly went crashing down, gazing at the one, s

him, while Machine gun kelly-Sail was now playing on the radio, casually noticing how his slender fingers tapped in sync with the rythim on the steering wheel, seeming like he was actually enjoying the song.

Totally unable to contain my curiosity, I suddenly found myself compelled to ask, "You like this song?"

He simply nodded, keeping his gaze fixated on the road, making me feel even more intrigued, as I stated, matter-of-factly, "I hope you do realise that this guy swears like, A LOT, right?"

He simply shrugged, and kept his eyes on the road, while I stared at him for a few moments, lightly shaking my head in disapproval.

Holy, my ass. These guys are anything but holy.

We simply stayed like that, for a few moments, he, focusing on driving, while I continuously stared at him, until I suddenly remembered, "Why was the house empty? Where is everybody?"

"Well, Raph had some duties to fulfill, and your brother and that girl went out together for a walk." He answered with a shrug, and I nodded, then sunk back in my seat.

At least they are having some fun...Unlike me...


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