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   Chapter 41 NO.41

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As soon as my black shoes landed on the stone pavement, I quickly adjusted my vision, fitting for the constant darkness, and hurried towards the grand wooden doors, guarded by the two warrior demons, submissively bowing their big, hideous heads as soon as they noticed me coming.

To any human, they would seem incredibly frightening, as they were twice my size, with pitch black eyes that consumes your very soul, and teeth sharper than a shark's...But to me, they were mere puppies, begging for master's attention.

Holding the doors open, they mouthed a small "majesty", and I dismissively waved a hand, then strode past them, walking down the main hallway, heading straight towards my chambers, to find an outfit more fitting for what was to come...

I was going to torture the whole Hell if I had to, in order to obtain my answers.

What did they want from her?

Why would any of my kind take so much interest in her, the "little human"?

Does her soul worth that much?

Or is it something else they desire from her?

"Master, you're back."

Renèe's gravely voice sounded from somewhere behind me, while I was hurrying down the east wing hallway, hearing his heavy footsteps following suit.

"Obviously." I sarcastically commented, not sparing him a single glance, and kept walking until I reached the master bedroom, and got in, knowing that he will definitely follow me inside, as the good, obedient servant he was.

"Go find me something less...expensive." I demanded, pointing towards the clothing chamber, and he quickly obeyed, flicking the lights on, then started rummaging through the vast collection of clothes, while I impatiently paced around the room, eager to go spill some demon blood.

"Renèe, I have a question for you."

"Anything Your Highness wishes." He quickly replied, now exiting the closet, holding a set of clothes in his hands, then walked towards the bed, and gently placed them on it.

"I heard that someone around here, is planning to capture a human girl. Do you, by any chance have heard anything about this story?" I asked, knowing that news and gossip travelled here faster than anything.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I did." He paused, so I urg

ly running a hand through her blonde locks, before she said, "Lucifer, I love him!"

"You? Love?" I incredously shouted, nearly bursting in a fit of laughter, "Oh, please! Don't make me laugh!

Abbadon, you don't love him! You are obsessed with him!

You don't even know what love is!" I argumented, and she frowned, crossing her arms, "Hmph, like you would know..."

"Maybe I don't, but at least I recognise it when I see it." I started, making her stare at me, a little confused, so I decided to enlighten her up.

"Wanna see how love looks like?

Well then, you should see the look in his eyes, everytime that "little human girl" enters the room.

You should see how he stares at her, everytime she speaks or laughs...

That, little sister, is real love." I explained, the look on our brother's face when he first saw Blake entering my house in L.A momentarily flashing before my eyes, as I did so.

"Now, let's go. I really don't have time for your silly little games." I then said, signalling for the guards to seize her, already thinking about some very creative ways to torture her, when I suddenly heard her scream, thrashing against the guards grip on her arms, "No, brother, please!"

Oh, begging for mercy already?

Too bad I do not have such thing.

"I am not your brother. Not in this realm.

Here, I am your king. And you have to learn how to respect me, and the people I care about."


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