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   Chapter 39 NO.39

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The soothing warmth his strong body was emanating, soon started to gradually relax my every sense, and before I could realise, I started to slowly drift to dream-land, my forehead still resting on the crook of his neck, his fresh, masculine scent filling up my nostrils with every steady, slow breath I took.

A soft commotion suddenly broke me out of my trance, hearing the soft thud of his boots landing on the ground, and my eyelids fluttered open, taking in the darkness surrounding us, hearing the waves crashing against the shoreline, obviously spiking my curiousity towards our current location, so without any other hesitance, I lowered my feet on the ground, taking a few steps forward, gazing at the beautiful, modern mansion standing tall right in front of our eyes, just a couple of feet away from the shoreline.

"Where are we?" I quietly asked, averting my gaze now towards the beautiful private beach, looking at the waves glistening in the moonlight, crashing on the shoreline.

"Somewhere safe."

Came Luc's answer shortly after my question, right before I heard Rick ask, "And where might that be?"

I heard him sigh, right before he answered, "For your own safety, it's better if you guys don't know."

I quickly spun around, now focusing my attention towards him, and before we could ask anything else, he quickly beat us to it, "Now, Azrael and Raph will help you guys make yourselves comfortable while I'm out."

He then spread his huge, ebony wings, intenting to fly away, but I briefly stopped him, asking, "But, where are you going?"

"I'm going to show those idiots who's the boss." He winked, giving me a light smile, and then, in the blink of an eye, gone.


My small, bare feet touched the cold white marble, as I slowly descended the grand stairs, one by one, careful not to wak

terwards, asking anyone who could give me any ounce of information about that strange occurance.

But what I didn't realised, was that in my wake, the information kinda slipped to the wrong "people"."

By the time he had finished that last sentence, I was still staring at him, obviously clueless.

"But what..." I started, lightly shaking my head, "What do they want from me?"

He sighed, running a hand through his already ruffled dirty blonde hair, "That, we don't know yet."

"But Lucifer is on his way to find out, right as we speak." He then assured, and I averted my gaze back towards the crashing waves, still confused by all this.

Why would these "people" be so interested in me?

I simply touched him, I didn't do anything else!

Oh my god, what if they'll try to kill us or something?

Oh no, my brother and my only true friend are in danger, and all that because of me!

Seemingly like he had read my thoughts, I felt him gently placing a hand on my bare knee, sending once again that warm, pleasant vibe travelling through my whole body, as he said, "Don't worry. You're safe here, with us. We won't let anyone hurt you. I promise."


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