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   Chapter 37 NO.37

Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 6033

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Those same three emotions kept swirling inside me, as I sat all alone in the back garden, my back leaning against the same tree -my favourite tree now-

My bare legs stretched on the freshly cut grass, watching the sun slowly set down, leaving behind a trail of orange at the horizon, the warm wind breeze slowly drying my wet cheeks.

There were no more tears left, only that same, awful sensation in the pit of my stomach, and a bitter taste in my mouth.

Once again, I found myself asking that same question;

What has my life become?

When the hell did we got to this? From fighting over a stupid damn party, to fighting the fucking Archangel of Destruction...

I ran the back of my hand over my cheeks, wiping the remaining wetness, letting out a heavy sigh, slowly closing my red, heavy eyelids, allowing silence and tranquility to take over.

Only it didn't lasted too long...

Because in the very next moment, I felt a presence right next to me, the warmth emanated from its body, gently caressing mine, so I snapped my eyelids open, turning my head on a side, and found myself looking at those same dark, warm brown eyes, looking right back into mine.

"Hi." He quietly said, that single word making me smile, noticing how his full, pink lips now curled up, mimicking my actions.

"What are you doing here?" I quietly asked, lightly sniffing, watching how he still smiled at me, as he simply answered, with a shrug, "I have to heal you, remember?"

"What? No, you don't!" I quickly replied, and he frowned, looking a little confused, so I proceeded to explain myself further, "Listen, " I sighed, "Just because he said so, that doesn't mean you have to listen to his every command.

Plus, I really don't need that. It will heal on its own anyway."

as he sat right next to her, his posture now relaxed, as he kept on discussing about something with Luc.


I knew that my big bro usually was a tough guy, but seeing him actually seeming so relaxed around Luc and Raz, after all he had learned in the past few hours made me feel even more proud.

Proud that nothing could truly scare my big bro.

"Um, guys?" Raph's deep, soft voice suddenly drew their attention, Luc now turning around in his chair to face him, and Azrael straightening up from the wall he was leaning on, as Raph continued, "I think we've got a problem..."

Their eyebrows furrowed in confusion, in unison, as they looked at us expectantly, silently inviting us to elaborate, so I hesitantly took a step forwards, before I timidly said, "Um, do you guys know by any chance, why would a demon mention about a certain master, that wants me captured?"

Right after I finished that sentence, the whole room suddenly fell into a gravely silence, Luc and Raz exchanging a few glances, seeming like they were having a silent conversation, right before I heard Azrael's deadly serious tone, as he said, "We have to go. Now."


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