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   Chapter 33 NO.33

Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 6039

Updated: 2018-02-01 00:09

I silently groaned, lightly banging my head against the desk, feeling so damn tired already, and also bored as hell of writing all those stupid statements and equations, as our teacher, Mr. Tate, kept yammering about statistics, giving me an annoying headache.

And, to make it even more annoying, this was the only class Leila and I didn't shared, so I had to endure all this shit, all by myself.

Imagine that.

"Okay class, session's over for today." Mr. Tate's gruff voice bluntly announced, drawing my attention, and I absently gazed towards the front of the class, noticing him checking his wristwatch, before he went behind his desk, and started gathering some files.

I sighed in relief, thankful that our classes were finally over, for today, then grabbed my stuff and carelessly threw them in my backpack, hurrying to get the hell out of here, as fast as I could, knowing that Rick was already waiting for me, as he had texted me a few minutes ago.

I flung my backpack over my shoulder, then strode towards the door, and I was just about to exit the classroom, when I suddenly heard Mr. Tate calling my name, so I stopped in my tracks and turned around, facing him, as he now leaned against his desk, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

"Yes?" I replied unsure, looking at him expectantly.

He slowly ran a hand through his short, messy dark brown hair, letting out a sigh, before he said, "Miss Summers, in case you haven't noticed, I have to inform you that your scores are getting very low."

He stated, seeming a little concerned, and I slowly nodded, as I already knew that, lowering my eyes on the floor, slightly embarrased, "Yes, I am aware of that." I muttered in a small voice, still keeping my gaze on the wooden floor.

I was kinda expecting this to happen eventuall

rling weirdly in eyes.

What the hell is this fucker doing?

"Why the hell isn't this working?" He incredously shouted all of a sudden, staring at me extremely confused, and I quickly realised that this was my cue, so without any other hesitation, my fist furiously collided with his chin, making him loose his balance for a few seconds, and before he could comprehend what just happened, I delivered him another blow, this time aiming for his nose.

My brother trained me for these kind of moments, bitch.

I victoriously smirked, hearing him groan, but only after a few seconds, I noticed the pitch black liquid dripping from his nose, making my eyes widen in pure shock, as I suddenly remembered something.

"I'm going on a demon hunt..."

.....Raz, what happened?"

I asked, obviously concerned, as I noticed the pitch black droplets covering his bare arms..."


The sound of the lock on the door being twisted and then opened suddenly pulled me out of my thoughts, making me just for a second, think that maybe someone came to the rescue, before the culprit finally appeared, making me gasp in utter shock.



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