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   Chapter 31 NO.31

Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 4199

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I dashed through the front doors, not even daring to look back, and ran towards the beautiful back garden, hiding behind the biggest tree I could find.

I then sat down on the freshly trimmed grass, resting my back against the rough, robust trunk, and discarded my pearly white pumps, stretching my aching legs, feeling the soft natural carpet beneath me, enjoying my much needed time alone.

This was just way too much for me already...

First, I found out that I have befriended a bunch of freaking Archangels...

Then I started having feelings for one of them...

And now he has a twin sister slash lover...


What can I say...this is just my luck...

I sighed, absently looking at the natural scenery around me, as the moonlight gently caressed the multicoloured flowers, making it seem like they were glowing, and I plucked a small white flower from near me, ripping its petals afterwards, one by one.

Loves me, Loves me not.

Loves me...

Screws his twin sister...


This is seriously screwing my brains already...


And now I'm hearing voices in my head. Wonderful. Just fucking wonderful.

Isn't life just fucking-

"Blake." I heard his deep voice again, only this tim

his chest, too ashamed to look up in his eyes again, afraid that he might see the sadness and hurt in mine.

His fingers went under my chin, coaxing me to look back up at him, and as soon as I did, my heart started racing again, noticing the way his haunting eyes were now trained on my lips, as he huskily said those two words again, "Forgive me."

And before I could utter a single word, his soft, plump lips crashed against mine in a chaste, yet passionate kiss, sending warm tingles all over my body, making my heart almost jump out of my chest, as we stayed like that for a few moments, before he suddenly pulled back, staring at me a little shocked, only now realising what he had just done, then turned around and quickly walked away, leaving me standing there, speechless.


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