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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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"Did I told you that you look like a little princess tonight?" He grinned down at me, his index finger gently touching the tip of my nose, and I jokingly gasped, staring up at him, shocked, "Was that a compliment?" I mockingly asked, earning a throaty laugh from him, "Yes, yes it was."

"Huh...and I thought you could only tease." I commented, making him pout like a kid, "Hey!"


I was just stating the truth." I innocently said with a shrug, making him narrow his eyes at me, "Yeah, right."

"Just shut up and dance with me." I muttered, agressively grabbing his left hand and right shoulder, making him chuckle again, as we started to clumsily move around like two puppets on strings, loudly laughing together and fooling around.

We then started spinning around, holding hands like two kids, making the people around us move further away, until I started feeling so dizzy that I couldn't stand on my own feet, so I quickly took a step towards Raph, resting my forehead against his chest, closing my eyes for a brief moment.

"You ok?" I heard him ask in a slightly concerned tone, his big warm hands gently grabbing my bare arms.

"Mmhm." I lightly nodded, keeping my eyes closed, taking deep, slow breaths, inhaling his calming musky scent, my hands grabbing fistfuls of his crimson dress vest, already feeling the bile threatening to rise in my throat.

"Come on, let's take you outside, maybe you'll feel better after a breath of fresh air." He stated, lightly tugging at my arm to follow him, but I stood still, not moving an inch.

"No, I'm fine."

I really didn't wanted to make a scene. What if my brother saw me and decided to drag my ass back home?

No. I couldn't let that happen. I was having such a good time!

And I surely wasn't willing to let anyone ruin it!

I looked up at him, "I feel better already." I smiled, now standing on my own feet, and he sighed, his dark irises still scanning all over my features, probably looking for any sign of sickness.

However, he choose to believe me and let it go, "Fine.

Just, stay here. I'll go fetch you a glass of water, ok?" He said, and I nodded in agreement, "Ok."

He then turned around and dissapeared in the crowded area, while I stood there, in the same spot, watching him go further away.

I then started searching with my eyes in the sea of people, looking for my brother and Leila, but all my thoughts suddenly vanished, as soon as I felt someone's presence right behind me, the burning heat radiating from his body warming up my bare back.

"Humans often describe beauty as angelic...but I must say, that tonight, between the two of us, you're the angel here..." His hot breath fanned on the back of my neck, and I felt a shiver run down my spine, obviously recognising that deep, slightly rusty voice, feeling his warm fingers gently graze over my bare shoulder, sending once again that oddly pleasant vibe travelling through my whole body.

I slowly turned

own words, tilting my head on a side, but then shook my head, clearing out my thoughts and continued with my explanation, "Anyways, the point is that I had to do something!

I wasn't going to allow him to just kill you, so I did the only logical thing that crossed my mind..." I finished in a much quieter tone, looking down again, a little embarrased. that I said it out loud, I actually realise how stupid it sounds...

God, I'm such a moron...

His fingers went under my chin, gently coaxing me to look back up at him, and I did, meeting once again his absolutely beautiful eyes, staring right back into mine, those deep blue irises swirling with an unreadable emotion, as he spoke again, "Hey, it's ok. I understand.

But what I don't understand, it's why.

Why did you do it?" He then asked, obviously surprising me with his question, but I just couldn't answer...

Because now, all my attention was solely focused on his lips...

Those inviting, plump, pink lips...

Noticing my lack of of attention at his words, he suddenly called, "Blake?"

My breath suddenly hitched iny throat, and I lightly shivered at the sound of my name rolling off his tongue, looking up at his eyes for a brief moment, my traitorous dirty mind only to force me to look back at those inviting lips, and as soon as he realised what I was looking at, his eyes darkened like the whriting sea, and his whole body suddenly went stiff, his arm around my waist holding me a little tighter, but not enough to hurt me.

We intensely stared at each other for a couple of moments, unmoving, in a very tensioned silence, until a feminine, suave voice spoke right next to us, breaking us from our trance, "Excuse me, may I steal your partner for a moment?"

My head quickly snapped on a side, watching her turqoise irises curiously eyeing our entwined hands, right before I heard him say what was obviously her name, "Abbadon."


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