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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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As the car reached its destination, Leila and I prepared ourselves to exit, waiting for one of the boys to open the door.

And after only a few moments, the car door was opened, revealing a muscular, raven haired guy, wearing a fancy black tux, warmly smiling down at me, his huge palm stretched towards me, inviting me to come out.

I gladly accepted and reached out for his hand, getting out of the car, while holding my skirt down with my other hand, careful not to accidentally show him the colour of my panties.

"Thanks, Kieran." I smiled, then turned my attention to the other handsome guy, standing right next to Kieran, his dirty blonde hair gelled back, and his honey brown eyes twinkling in the sunset, his thin lips showing me a genuine, warm smile.

"You're so handsome, you know that?" I proudly said, taking a step closer to fix his bowtie, earning a chuckle from him, followed by a peck on my forehead.

"Shall we?" Kieran's gruff voice suddenly interrupted our brother-sister moment, guiding our attention towards him, noticing Leila was now standing right next to him, looking between us both.

"Yeah." I nodded in agreement, and tangled my arm with my brother's, allowing him to lead the way towards the main entrance.

As soon as the grand wooden doors opened, we were suddenly welcomed by fine music and indistinct chatter of people, the sight in front of our eyes being quite spectacular...

There were dozens of people, scattered around, wearing very flashy, expensive fancy clothes, chatting and ocasionally sipping from their crystal glasses what appeared to be champagne, while the waiters were busy strolling around, carrying silver trays with expensive delicacies.

Out of the sea of people, Luc suddenly appeared, looking directly towards us with a big, genuine smile, his shockingly classy attire drawing my attention.

He was wearing a dark blue suit, embroided with intricate swirls and patterns, the matching vest underneath his jacket covering more of the crisp, li

ched a glass, taking it down in one, big gulp, placing it right back on his tray afterwards.

"Someone's planning to get reaaal wasted tonight, huh?" I heard a soft male voice comment from behind me, in an amused tone, and I quickly recognised the owner.

"Raph!" I chirped excited, and quickly spun around, throwing my arms around his neck, pulling him in a bear hug.

I really missed this guy.

"Pantieees!" He squeaked in the same excited tone, wrapping his arms around me, trying to mimic my girly voice, making me burst in laughter at his goofiness.

"You are really not going to let this go, are you?" I lightly shook my head, still chuckling as I pulled back, then looked up at his dark brown, almost black irises, twinkling in amusement.

"Nope." He grinned down at me like an annyoing brat, making me pout.

Noticing my change in demeanour, his smile suddenly went down, "Aww, don't be mad! I promise I'll buy you a donut every morning, for the rest of your life!"

"With chocolate?" I asked, staring up at him with puppy eyes.

"Yes, with chocolate."

He nodded, smiling.


"I promise." He nodded again, making me smile satisfied, and I quickly grabbed his hand, dragging him towards the spot where people were dancing.

"Come on, let's dance!"


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