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   Chapter 27 NO.27

Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 4293

Updated: 2018-02-01 00:04

A week later...

"We're going to the paaartyyyy!

Whoop whoop!" She sang, wiggling her butt, the white fluffly bathrobe almost falling off her shoulders, earning a chuckle from me.

Turns out that Luc kept his promise after all, and organised a party just for me.

And the party was tonight, meaning that we had just a few hours to get ready...

So I made Leila crash at my place, last night, after we went on a hunt for the perfect dresses, this way we saved a lot of time, by the way.

"Yes, we are, now hurry up and do my make-up, so I can do yours."

"Aye, aye, captain." She grinned, then sat on the chair right in front of mine, and started rummaging through my make-up kits, doing her job.

After she finished, we switched spots and I did her make-up as well. This was usually our ritual, since neither of us could properly apply make-up on her own face, but when it came to applying it on someone else's face, we were practically experts...

So, after the make-up part was done, I did her hair, falling down in big, loose ebony curls, on her left shoulder, then proceeded and did mine, straightening the wavy strands a little.

"I so love those shades..." She said, admiringly looking through the mirror at my crimson shades, proudly standing out on my natural

us everytime he's around." She winked, with a hint of sass, making me pout like an upset child, crossing my arms.

"No I'm not." I vehemently denied, though on the inside, I was already having a conflict with myself.

Do I really get nervous when he's around?

Is it really that obvious?

Why do I even get nervous around him anyway?

Oh my god! Do I...actually...LIKE HIM?????


"Yeah, you keep telling that to yourself." She jokingly said, with a chuckle, suddenly interrupting my train of thoughts, lightly shaking her head.

"Now let's go before those two lose their patience and barge in here." She suggested and I absently nodded, those previous thoughts swirling once again in my head.

I like him...

Oh my god...I have a thing for the freaking Archangel of Death!


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