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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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Updated: 2018-01-31 19:18

After we talked with Luc and apologised for all the fuss we created with our fight, I thanked him for letting me stay at his place in these past few days, then went back to ours with Rick, as he was already eager to have me back home.

As soon as I walked past the front door, looking around at the very familiar walls, sighing in relief, I was welcomed by a pair of strong arms wrapping around me, pulling me in a warm hug, and I quickly looked up, meeting those same familiar dark brown eyes, staring down at me.


"Welcome back, kiddo."

I seriously don't know why is he always calling me like that...

He's the same age as Rick, which means he's only five years older than me, for christ's sake!

He warmly smiled, giving me a peck on the forehead, his bulky frame engulfing my much smaller one, almost crushing my tiny, fragile bones.

"Ow. You're. crushing. me."

"Sorry." He chuckled, slowly pulling back, but not before giving me another small kiss on the forehead, his warm brown eyes looking down at me the same way a father looks at his freshly returned child.

I gave him one last glance, before I stepped aside and walked past him, only to be welcomed by another pair of arms, this time belonging to Rosie.

I quickly responded and wrapped my arms around her small waist, sensing once again that oh-so familiar scent of freshly baked cookies, making me sigh, pleased.

"Thank god you're back, Blake.

These two stooges were busting my brains already with their crankiness." She mumbled in annoyance, making me chuckle, lightly shaking my head.

"I'm glad I'm back too." I warmly responded, pulling back, looking at her slightly wrinkled features, giving her a light smile.

"So, do you wanna eat something...or did you ate already?" She kindly asked, giving me a warm smile, and I shook my head, "No, I ate already." I stated, glancing over her shoulder at my brother for a moment, smiling knowingly, before I returned my attention back at her.

"I just wanna take a nap right now...I feel drained." I then said, lightly stretching my back, earning a nod from her.

I then took one last glance at them, before I went upstairs, to my room.

Once I opened the door, I took a look around, noticing all my things were in the exact same state as I left them...chaotically scattered around.


I mumbled under my breath, satisfied that no one dared to move them, then grabbed my phone from the nightstand, to check it, noticing my inbox was

lightly chuckled, abruptly interrupting my train of thoughts, "Actually, I have my fair share of subordinates." He winked, "But the demon side though..."

He then frowned a little, lightly shaking his head, "they can really be -as you people call it- a real pain in the ass..."

Demon side? Pain in the ass?

"Wait, what?

Demon side?" I voiced my thoughts, raising one eyebrow, curiously staring at him.

He nodded, "Yes, demon side.

I have both angel subordinates, and demons as well." He explained, while I kept staring at him, obviously taken aback by all these crazy things he had told me so far...

Hell, just a few days ago, I didn't even knew that angels or Heaven, or Hell even existed...

And now he's throwing all this information at me...

Obviously noticing my sudden change in demeanor, he then placed his big palm over my much smaller one, the warmth emanating from his skin over mine quickly drawing my attention, raising my sight back up at him, noticing the evident concern clouding his deep oceans.

"Hey, are you ok?" He gently asked, and I quickly nodded, giving him a light smile, noticing how his features now slowly softened.

"Is there anything else do you wish to know?"

He then asked, and I shook my head, already feeling the tiredness once again creeping up my whole body and mind, my eyelids almost dropping, followed by a small yawn, my back involuntarly falling on the soft, big pillow.

"Good. Sleep tight then, little angel." I heard him say in a warm, gentle tone, followed by a warm sensation on my forehead, right before I slipped away to dream-land.


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