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   Chapter 17 NO.17

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After getting my only clothes washed and dried up, I dressed myself up and hurried downstairs, where Raphael was already waiting, all fresh and dressed up, looking like the typical bad boy.

He wore a plain white t-shirt and a leather jacket that hung perfectly on his broad shoulders, matching with his dark jeans and combat boots, perfectly complementing his slightly tanned skin.

Damn...why do these guys have to look so hot?

"Done checking me out?" He smirked, suddenly pulling me out of my daze.

"Oh, shut up." I muttered, rolling my eyes, then hurriedly strode past him, hearing him chuckle from behind me.

We exited the mansion, then walked towards the alley and got in one of Luc's SUV's, him sitting in the driver's seat, and I in the front passenger seat, ultimately noticing no one else came to ride with us.

"Wait, just the two of us?" I turned to face him, raising one eyebrow.

"Yeah, why? Need the whole army to go shopping?" He chuckled, earning a scoff from me, "No, you dumb-ass." I retorted, "But I thought that maybe Luc would send some guards with us.

I mean, my brother always does that." I then explained, with a shrug.

"Well then, trust me, Panties, I'm all you need." He smirked, giving me a wink, then turned towards the steering wheel and started the engine.

Wait, what?

"Panties? Seriously? Panties?" I shouted in disbelief, glaring at him.

"Well, you've earned it, Panties." He chuckled, with a smug expression plastered all over his perfectly shaped features, clearly reffering to that moment, this morning, in the kitchen, not even bothering to turn and face me.

What the fuuuck!!

"Ugh! Stop calling me like that!" I angrily yelled, making him laugh even harder.

"Yeah...not gonna happen, Panties." He took a glance in my direction, again wearing that smug grin plastered all over his features, making me want to slap it off his annoying face.

Oh, so you wanna play it this way?

So be it.

I turned back and sunk in my seat, making myself comfortable, silently plotting for my revenge, while he drove off the estate.


After a few hours of walking around in various famous stores and trying on lots of clothes, I finally managed to buy some things, also managing to get on Raph's nerves as well at the same time, by constantly changing my mind and dragging him along everywhere, making him carry all my bags, while I kept on buying useless things.

What can I say...payback's a bitch...

We were currently walking back towards the mall's subteran parking lot, carrying the shopping bags to the car.

"So, you never told me why were you forcefully kissing my brother that night." He suddenly asked out of nowhere, making me stop in my tracks, spinning around to face him, staring at him, dumbfounded.

What the actual fuck?

"Wait, how did you-"

"Oh, please...I'm not that stupid.

Plus, I

is burning gaze never leaving my face.



I asked, staring at him, raising one eyebrow, utterly confused.

"Se io non posso averti, anche lui non può."

(If I can't have you, neither he will.)

Came his answer, shortly after my question, pulling out the revolver tucked at the back of his jeans, pointing it straight towards Raphael, making me scream in utter horror and shock.

I knew that there was no turning back. Nothing and no one could stop him now.

He was going to kill him.

He was going to kill Luc's brother.

So I stopped thinking, and acted.

A life for a life.

A sibling for a sibling.

I quickly moved on a side, directly in front of Raphael, shielding his body with mine, and in the last moment, I closed my eyes, hearing the gun fire, followed by a burning pain, sharply striking right through my chest, collapsing right on the ground afterwards.

My entire body started shivering, feeling the cold, slowly, but surely creeping up my veins, gradually decreasing my body temperature.

This is it. I'm so sorry, Ricky. I'm so sorry for leaving you alone in this world.

"You stupid little kid!" Raphael's voice, burning with rage rang in my ears, sounding so close, so I fluttered my eyelids open for a moment, meeting those same dark, almost black eyes, now filled with pure concern and despair.

"Why did you do that?" He angrily yelled at me, feeling his warm hands on my cold body, gripping my shoulders, lightly shaking me, while I tried to breathe, feeling the metallic, salty taste filling my mouth, and I coughed, soon noticing the crimson liquid staining Raphael's once white t-shirt, much to my dismay.


My blood.

"You made a promise, remember? You've made a freaking promise!" His hoarse, desperate voice now sounded so far away, like he had walked miles away from me.

"I'm sorry..."


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