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   Chapter 6 NO.6

Nephilim (Angels, Gods & Demons series 1) By Julie Summer Characters: 5412

Updated: 2018-01-31 19:05


I felt the life literally draining out of me, looking at her small, innocent trembling form, her glossy eyes tearing my heart to pieces, making me feel so helpless...

So fucking useless...

There she stood, facing her possible death, unmoved, while I watched the horror scene unfold in front of my eyes, unable do to anything at all, my heart slamming wildly against my ribcage, watching that fucking bastard point the gun at her face, smirking like a fucking maniac.

And then it happened...

He pulled the trigger, and my heart stopped for a second, watching everything go in slow motion, wide-eyed, the bullet going straight to...Lucifer's chest?

I stood there, frozed, for a brief moment, staring dumbstruck at Lucifer's body standing still, unmoved, shielding my sister's tiny frame, while she kept shaking, her eyes closed shut, tears slowly falling down her cheeks, while I was still unable to register what the fuck just happened.

He just...saved my sister's life...

He took the bullet destined for her...

The bullet...

Quickly snapping out of my trance, I remembered the fucker was still pointing the gun aimed towards them, and without a second thought, I jumped over the table, tackling him to the ground, the gun flying away from his hand in the process, somewhere under a table.

Nothing could stop me now.

You're going to pay, asshole.

I started violently slamming my fists in his face, over and over again, Gio's pleadings filling the tensed air, begging for me to stop.

Like that would ever happen.

Not even if God himself came down from heaven couldn't stop me

p, and turned his head towards me, mouthing a small "thank you", before he turned and quickly walked away, while my brother kept thrashing, shouting after them.

"Get back here! You coward!"

"I will find you, you hear me?"

Watching him struggle in Luc's vice grip, his once honey brown eyes now looking bloodshot red, seething in anger, I strode towards him, hurrying to calm him down.


I gently placed my small hand on his cheek, forcing him to look into my eyes, coaxing him to focus on me.

"Please, stop. I'm ok now, see?" I spoke in a soothing, gentle tone, my eyes never leaving his, feeling his rage gradually decrease.

"I'm fine. Everything is fine." I whispered, snaking my arms around his neck, coaxing him to rest his head on my shoulder, soon, feeling his arms slowly wrap around my waist, his ragged breathings slowly becoming more even.

His face was now burried in my neck, inhaling my scent, his arms keeping me close to his body, my fingers gently massaging the back of his neck.


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