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"Come on Ricky, pleaaaase!" She begged for the millionth time, clutching on my arm, her big green puppy eyes staring up into mine.

Hmm, like this would ever work...

I mentally rolled my eyes, before I gave her my final decision, "No, Blake, I said no, it remains no! You're not going, and it's final!"

"B-but why? Leila is also going, and she will be with me the whole time, I swear!" She tried again, annoyance and frustration resonating loud and clear in her tone.

"No. I don't care, not even if the friggin' pope shows up at that stupid party, I said you're not going, and it's final, so stop trying!" I coldly replied, quickly returning behind my desk, definitely knowing that she will stop talking to me for at least a week for doing this.

But the truth is, I had to. I really had to. Who knows what kind of maniacs and freaks would be also attending that frat party, waiting for the perfect moment to hurt her. I simply can't allow that to happen.

"Ugh, I hate you, you're the worst brother ever!" She spat, then stormed out and loudly slammed my office door behind her, just like she always does when she tries to make a point.

I knew she would say that, she always does, everytime I deny her the freedom of going out on her own, outside this house...

And though it pained me to see her like that, I still, made a promise...and I definitely intent to keep it.


My sweet, sweet strong boy..."

She whispered, tears flowing down her cheeks, holding my small hands in hers, pain and sorrow glinting in her eyes, as she took a few deep breaths, trying to regain composure.

"I want you to promise you'll take care of your little sister, no matter what, do you understand?"

"Yes mommy, I promise."

I nodded, holding back the tears threatening to fall over my cheeks. I knew it...I somehow knew that would be the last time I ever saw her...

"Good child. Now go."

She whispered, kissing my forehead, right before I craddled little Blake in my arms, and with a single last glance, I turned around and ran away on the dark alley, as fast as I could.

I sighed, closing my eyes for a brief moment, trying to clear my mind, that specific memory always bringing nothing but pain...

The sound of my phone buzzing suddenly pulled me out of my thoughts, glancing down on my desk where it layed.

Caller ID: unknown

I swiped the screen and answered in a rather bored tone, not really caring who the fuck was on the o

ther end.


"Mr. Summers..." a thick italian accent greeted, and I quickly recognised the owner.

"Gio." I replied in the same bored tone, inviting him to speak further.

"Indeed, my friend."

"What is the reason behind this late call, if I may ask?" I then formally adressed, however, with a hint of annoyance laced in my tone.

"Ah yes...

About the business dinner upcoming tomorrow..."

Crap! I totally forgot about that freaking meeting...

"Yes, what about it?" I quickly replied, trying to sound as casual as possible, though I definitely forgot about it.

"I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty to also invite another associate of mine, And before you can say anything, I must add that he is ultimately proffesional, and I tend to believe that you will actually like him."

"Yeah, whatever."

I will put a bullet in his brains anyway if I don't...

"Is there anything else you would like to add?" I muttered in the same uninterested tone, hoping that he will get the hint and end this conversation soon.

" fact, there is..."

Oh god...what now?

"Then what is it?"

"I have to inform you that my beloved son will also join us..."

Something is his tone told me that he was definitely about to say something more, so I encouraged him to speak further, "And?"

"And...I would be pleased if you'd consider to ask that beautiful young girl that is your sister to join us, you know, maybe they will bond a friendship or something...else..." he explained uneasy, clearly trying not to offend me, and though I was already boiling in anger on the inside, imagining how I would empty a whole charger in his skull for asking such thing, I still considered it would be better if I bring her in, this way I could make sure they wouldn't dare to say anything behind my back, considering the fact that she is also fluently speaking italian.

"Sure...I'll see what I can do." I replied as nicely as possible, though I wasn't feeling anywhere near nice.

"Oh...ok then..." He stammered somehow confused, guess he didn't expect that answer after all.

"Have a very pleasant evening Mr. Summers."

"You too."

I sighed, placing the phone back on my desk, then leaned back on my chair, enjoying the few moments of silence, before the storm can begin.

Great...Now all I have to do is make a deal with the devil...


So...this is my new book

Enjoy :)

Xoxo, Lala

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