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   Chapter 11 I love you, can't you see

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"Actually I won't get my happy ending if I lose you." I confessed loudly.

I had to put my heart on the line, had to at least try. "Don't leave after the year is done Sophia, stay." I whispered.

Stay with me, I love you.

"Why should I stay Xavier? There's nothing here for me." She replied as she faced me.

Did she not have an ounce of feeling for me? Was this truly a game to her, "Stay because", I uttered.

"Why? For what Xavier? Talk." She shouted loudly. "So you can f*ck me whenever you want? Is that why you want me to stay Xavier? So you stick your f*cking ..."

"ENOUGH", I yelled, cutting her off.

"Do whatever you want, leave, stay, whatever Sophia. You make your own choice, I won't touch every again. You don't have to worry about me using you, I wasn't the one who made that agreement. It was you but I will stop if you think that's the only thing I want from you. If funny how you get lost in a person, I was lost in you but I can see that it's a one sided" I declared as I stood up and left.


Two months later....

"Xavier, how long are you going to be like this? I miss you so much." Sophia said as she placed her arms around my neck.

I pulled them away, "I said I won't touch you ever again. Find someone else to have sex with." I stated as I felt a ping in my heart as her eyes teared up.

"But I...I", she tried to talk but couldn't.


Five months later.....

"I'm sorry Xavier", she cried out.

"You're not f*cking sorry, you killed my baby. Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant? WHY? WHY, WHY, WHY?" I shouted loudly while shattering everything in sight.

"I f*cking fell down the stairs, had a miscarriage and you're accusing me of killing me own baby? Why would I do that? Get out, get the f*ck out." She yelled as tears fell.

"Please sit down Don Sophia, you're bleeding." The maid said as she p

ntinuing. "Are you ok after the miscarriage?" He choked out as he held his tears in bay.

I pulled away but he held me in place, "Please don't, I need to get this pain off my chest Sophia. I know it's wasn't? your fault, it was an accident but my heart breaks everytime I see Alicia carrying her baby. I imagine what if, I'm envy in what my brother has. I want that as well, I was happy when you said the word pregnant but shattered in a million pieces when you said that it's not there anymore. I wanted to blame you for everything so I can forget you, but no matter how much I tried. I still couldn't get you off my mind and out of my heart." He said as he fought with his tears.

I pulled in closer to him, placing my hands upon his cheeks. "We can always try again Xavier, that's if you still want me to be the mother of your children." I whispered while smiling gently.

With one arm, he pulled my body up upon his as I wrapped my legs around his waist. "We can start now, Si?" He questioned as he stared at my lips while licking his.

A shiver came over my body, ''Si, we can start now." I said while pulling his long locks away from his face.

"Ti amo Sophia", he whispered against my lips.

"I love you to Xavier", I replied, capturing his lips.

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