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   Chapter 9 Lack of communication

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6months after the crowning..

"Would you like anything else?" I questioned father. He was staring at mother as she held Anna, "Did your brother arrive yet?" Father asked.

"Yes, he's taking a shower. Alicia is on her way here now." I said as father turned around to look behind him. Alicia reached us, placing a gently kiss of father's cheek. "Hey old man." She walked over to mother's side and placed a kiss on her cheek as well.

She took Anna into her arm's, "Hi beautiful. Did you miss me, I bet you didn't. Grandpa spoiling you with so much attention." She? said as she took a seat next to father.

"Ok, I'll go see Sophia. We'll be here for dinner." I stated as I left. Salvador came out as I walked in. "Where you going?" He asked.

I kept walking, "I'll be back by dinner, make sure to call Frederic. He wants to speak with you." I yelled as I walked out.

Reaching Romano's place, I walked in as if I own the place. "Where's Sophia?" I asked one of the maid's.

"She's in her room Master Xavier." She replied. I took two steps at a time until I reached her room, this mansion was much bigger than mines. I walked in without permission, looking around for her but I didn't seem to find her.

Hearing the shower on, I moved closer to the door. She was singing, I opened the door slowly and stood there. Her shadow figure define how elegantly curved her body was, lust took over me. Taking off my shirt, I stopped midway when I heard what she sang. "I'm right on the edge, And I know how to swim, but I'm not jumping in. Not scared to get wet But if we dip our feet, I know we'll go too deep. Don't want a good heart to break When we're touching, those sweet little words feel too easy to say but, but I'm not ready. We don't have to say love 'cause the words only get in the way."

er to grab the brush.

I walked over behind her and took the brush from her hand, "Your hair is much longer than the day you came, it looks much beautiful amore." I whispered as I gently took her hair into my hand.

She didn't move as I brushed gently until I was done, "Salvador and Alicia are back. There waiting for us to have dinner together with them, did you eat anything yet?" I questioned.

She stood still, "Yea, I had something to eat, how's Frederic and Zena doing? Any news about them?" She asked.

I turned her around to face me, "I think their fine, would you like to walk outside? It's a beautiful day but not as beautiful as you." I said as I caressed her face.

She seemed to relax as I gently caressed her cheek, her eye's closed for a moment then opened, revealing her hazel green eyes. "I would like that very much." She whispered softly.

I pulled in even closer to her, "Non vedi ti amo?" I questioned her.

She giggled, "I need to learn italian, you can't keep saying things I don't know the meanings to Xavier." She stated.

I knew she didn't understand, that why I spoke my native tongue.


Authors note…

Non vedi ti amo= can't you see that I love you?

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