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   Chapter 7 Family reunion

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I watched how the smile on Xavier lips widen as he sat in between his father and mother. Anna was on Christian lap, she was pulling on his beard which caused him to laugh. "Ah little one, you're enjoying this aren't you." Christian said as Anna giggled.

"I've never seen her this happy before." Alicia said as she laid her head on Salvador's shoulder. "I'll take her if she bothering you." Salvador said which caused Christian to glare at him.

"You will not take her away from me, sit back down." Christian said as everyone in the room chuckled. "Where is her mother my boy?" Christian questioned Salvador as he stared at him.

"Let's not talk about her father, I don't want to ruin this moment." Salvador replied back. Christian nodded his head as he held up Anna, "I guess your papa has to bring you a baby brother or sister you can play with principessa nonno." Christian said causing Salvador to shake his head.

"Let Anna grow a bit more father, ask Xavier for a child." Salvador said as he stared at Xavier with a smirk.

My cheeks heated up as Xavier glanced my way with a smile.

"You all will give me more grandchildren, I've missed out on both of you. You won't denied me this." Christian said sadly.

Xavier placed a hand on his shoulder, "Don't be sad father, we're together now."

Sara brought Xavier into her arm's, "Come here Salvador." She whispered as he went over to her side. She placed both grown men on her chest as tears fell down. "Thank you lord for granting me to see my babies." She said as both Xavier and Salvador we're in her arm's.

The sight was heartwarming as I walked over to Alicia side. She grabbed my hand and held it tight as she took in the sight with me. Christopher was standing near his father, placing a kiss on top of his head.

It was a happy moment for all of us, my heart was happy but how long before it came crumbling down. What will happen when they find out that my marriage to Xavier was just a deal, was just fun for the both of us.

For a moment the happiness went away, for a moment sadness took over. Xavier caught a glimpse of me, his eyes stared into mines. We both got lost before Christian caught the pain in our eye's. He looked down at Anna as she snuggled into his arms, yawning as sleep took over her.

I wanted my marriage to work with Xavier, the question was. Did he want that as well or was he in for the money only? "I should take her to Julie father, she has worn you out." Salvador said which caused Christian to glare once more.

"Am I complaining my boy?" He questioned.

Salvador shook his head, "Then let me be, I want to hold her. She is an angel." Christian said quietly.

"I want to say something but I don't know where to start." Salvador said which caused all of us to look at him. Taking a deep breath, he spoke. "Now that Eros is dead, what should I do with his money?" He questioned his father.

r?" He questioned curiously. I didn't know what to say, I nodded my head but Emma walked in unexpectedly.

Her breathing was raging as she tried to catch her breath. "There's someone in Frederic room, on the balcony. Aroldo asked me to wake everyone up." Emma said in a rush.

Xavier tried to go out but Christian held his hand, "Go to your brother's rooms and bring them here, I can't lose you all once again." He said as horror took over him.

Sara walked over to Emma and pulled her in, "Stay here until we know it's safe." Sara said as she hugged Emma's shaking body. Alicia walked in with Anna in her arm's, Salvador pushed Christopher in as well. "Protect them, I'll go see what's going on. I'll be right back." Salvador said as him and Xavier went out after closing the door behind them.

Gunshots were heard from the upper floor, after a few more minutes gunshots were heard from outside. Then another gunshot, Sara walked over to the door but Christopher pulled her back. "Wait, someone can be out there." He stated pulling her back.

After a while, a knock on the door was heard. Pedro and Zara were standing there, Pedro pushed Zara in but Emma ran out the room. "F*ck, come back Emma." Pedro hissed angrily. He shut the door behind him causing us to deal with the anxiety that filled the room, silent took over.

It was the longest five minutes of our life's that felt like eternity. The door unlocked as Xavier, Salvador and Pedro made their way in. "The coast is clear." Salvador said as he held his mother who ran into his arm's. She pulled Xavier in as well. "When will this nightmare end, I want to leave with my babies alive." She sobbed loudly.

Both Salvador and Xavier held her tightly as they calmed her down. Men marched through the halls, "There's no more of them, sleep tight and have no fear. We will stand guard." A man spoke.

We couldn't sleep, we all stayed up all night until the morning dawn risen.

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