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   Chapter 6 Remember me

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Shocked, confused, astonished. I couldn't believe my eye's. Was I seeing things? Was it really her? How? When?

"Do I know you my boy?" She questioned as she held on to the one who was besides her. I slowly walked up to her tiny figure, she was old and weak. Her body was so thin, her eye's had no shine in them. "I came back for you, I swear I did but you weren't there anymore." I said as I stared at her confused face.

"I am the young boy you handed over Alicia to, remember? I'm Xavier." I said as her eyes widen. She grabbed my hands tightly as her body shook. "Is it really you? Where is she? Did you help her? Oh my goodness, I can't believe my eye's. After all these year's I'm free from that mad man." She said as her hands shook in mines.

"How?" I asked curiously while looking over to everyone in the room.

"Let me introduce myself, I am Joseph Montero, Frederic would be my late sister's husband." The tall dark stranger said. Extending his hand, "I heard my friend needed help in saving this woman. So I took action, the men are on their way. Please have a seat, let's discuss how we will take down these bastards." He said while chuckling.

Joseph went and embraced Frederic while shaking Aroldo hand. Sara didn't move from her spot as she stared at me for the long time. "You look like him, how old are you my boy?" She questioned as she touched my face.

My heart ached, I don't know why. "I'm sorry for not coming back in time to save you." A sad smile appeared on her lips. "It's ok my dear, you save Alicia. Thank you for doing that. I wish I could see her just once more." She whis

ough the door and I followed quickly behind her. "Sara, no, wait please wait." I yelled but her steps were walking as fast as they could. Aroldo ran in front of her before she could reach the men that were waiting at the door. Frederic, Salvador, Joseph, Aroldo and I along with the men that just arrived stood still as we watched her.

She moved Aroldo to the side, taking in the man who was on the wheelchair. Their eyes meet, I watched how she walked slowly to him, as she dropped to her knees, as she grabbed the wheelchair in her hands. "What happened to you my love, why are you like this?" She choked out a loud agonizing cried that was heard throughout the halls.

The man hands shook as it reached her face gently. His eyes held hurt and disbelief that what he was seeing was not real. The young man besides him went to his knees as he took her appearance in. We all watched as the man pulled her face up towards him. "You're alive, you're alive. Christopher she's alive." He whispered as he pulled her into his arm's.

We we're lost and confused, what was going on?

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