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   Chapter 5 Little friend

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"Where are we going Xavier? Why are you in a rush? My god, would you look at me." I yelled as Xavier was walking around the room like a madman.

Pulling out some of my clothing and placing them into a suitcase. "We're going to Moscow, please don't ask me anything now. I'll tell you on our way there, promise. We need to go now, please." He said as if he was pledging.

"Ok, it must be of importance to you." I stated as I went over to grab his clothing. He slumped on the bed while rolling up his sleeves, he seemed to be thinking deeply.

I knew whatever it was, it had an impact on him. I walked over as I arranged his clothes neatly, placing them one on top of the other.

Packed and ready, I decided to take a shower. "You want to join me Xavier?" I questioned as I ran my fingertips through his hair.

He pulled my body on top of his and hugged me tightly. "You still have no feelings for me Sophia." He stated more than asked. I felt a knot in my throat as I held back my tears.

How can you develop feelings for? someone this quickly? Was it because he is the only man I ever had? I didn't want to say something and regret it after so I stayed quiet.

He sighed deeply as he placed his face between my chest, his hands went over my back side as his both hands gripped my butt causing me to bit my lips. His tongue licked in between my breast in a up and down motion, his hand removed from gripping to tearing my dress apart. A moan escaped my lips as his mouth devoured one of my breast while his hand pinched the other breast.

I grabbed around his neck as I felt his finger rubbing against my......."Ohhh", I moaned as pleasure took over my body. I pulled back his hair harshly, giving me better access to his neck that my lips kissed then sucked on.

"Sono anni che ti stavo cercando. Hai dato un senso alla mia vita bella." He said which caused my body to trembled which I didn't even know what it meant but he sounds so f*cking sexy.

"How do you say f*ck me", I questioned as his lips to form into a devilish smile. "Dove sei stato per tutta la mia vita?" He whispered.

"Tell me what you just said Xavier, please." I begged. His deep brown eyes stared at me, "Let me make love to you Principessa, I want you to feel what I said." He muttered lowly as his lips skimmed my neck.

Oh my f*cking heart...

He picked me up and laid me slowly onto the bed, the sheets beneath me felt cold or maybe I was scared of what was about to happen. We haven't actually did this "love making", thing. It's just raw crazy sex which took my senses into another time.

"Amore é gioia, amore é gelosia, amore é soffrire, amore é tenerezza, amore é calore. Amore sei tu!" He Utter as his hands went along my body. My legs were spread apart for his eyes to see, he licked his hand and placed it on his d*ck as he positioned it near my entrance.

He entered in the most slowest way possible, I felt each inch of him greet my walls in a different kind of way, making me feel a different sensation that was raw to my soul and heart.

"Ho bisogno di te, Con tutto l'affetto mio." He said as his d*ck pushed upwards. "Can you feel me bella?" He questioned. I pulled his down, kissing his lips into oblivious. "I feel you Xavier and it's scaring the shit out of me." I confessed.

He placed a kiss on my forehead before taking me deep under water with him.



"Welcome, you must be Xavier, no?" The man questioned as he held out his hand for me to shake. I took it and nodded my head, "I am Eric, please the Dom is waiting in the room with the rest." He said as he led the way.

Sophia held onto my hand, "It's ok, I bet she will be happy to see you. Just breath Xavier, I'm so proud that you're my husband." She said with admiration. On our way here, I told her everything and why that we are here. She hugged me for the longest time ever when she knew what I did for Alicia. She called me a hero while placing kisses all over my face.

"You have a good heart Xavier." She declared as tears misted her eye's. "Ah, why do you cry so fast bella?" I asked as she fa

nned herself with her hands.

"I'm sorry, I have a pathetic heart and I'm already imaging how you two will meet." She said as the man stood before us.

"Dom, more guest have arrived." He said as he moved out of the way. My heart picked up it pace as I watched a woman holding her tears in as she laid her eye's on me. We we're starting at each other before she gasped loudly.

I moved in closer and closer until I was standing in front of her, she was trying to control her cries. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I knew it was my dear friend Aroldo. "I am sorry for not saving Sara, Alicia." I said which caused her to jump into my arm's.

"Thank you, thank you s..o yo..ou sav..ed me." She stuttered as she cried.

I felt Sophia head against my back. My arms went around Alicia, "I want you to meet my baby cry wife." I said as I pulled Sophia from behind me. They both laughed as they faced each other, "I'm glad your ok." Sophia said as she hugged Alicia.

"All thanks to your husband." Alicia said.

"Can you please stop crying, all of you." I stated as I watch each woman in the room with tears in their eye's. I looked down at Alicia, "Are you ok?" I questioned.

She nodded her head while looking at a man, "This is Salvador, my boyfriend." She said as she went next to him.

"Pleasure to meet you all." I said as I nodded to each and everyone. Aroldo gripped my shoulder and faced me towards a man that was watching us. "This is Frederic Demchk, Dom leader." He stated.

I bowed my head, "Dom, thank you for having us." I said. He smiled and grabbed my shoulder, "Good man you are Xavier, good man." He stated.

"How about all the ladies stay here while all the men follow me, we still have Santos and Joseph yet to arrive." Frederic spoke as a man in the doorway stood with a drink in his hand.

"Pedro", Salvador said as he approached him. Both men hugged, "Let's go, I want to shoot thing before I go shoot your brother." Pedro said angrily at Frederic.

Frederic sighed loudly before heading his way, placing his arm around his shoulder. "Let's go shoot thing", Frederic said.



It was late at night and I've just gotten to know all these beautiful woman. Alicia and I sat next to each other, "You have a good husband Sophia, I owe him my life." Alicia said as she cradled little Anna in her arm's.

A knock on the door was heard and a beautiful woman stood there. "Zara, come." Zena said with so much love.

Maryanne went over to the woman named Zara and held her hand. She brought her next to Emma and her, she sat down and smiled sadly.

She didn't speak just stared at us, "Zara has a sore throat, so excuse her if she doesn't talk much." Maryanne said as she laid her head on her shoulders. Emma handed her a cup of tea which she gladly took, "Thank you." She said so low that I would have missed it if the room wasn't silent.

"ZARA, ZARA", A deep voice echoed through the hall. "She is with us Pedro, calm down." Zena replied. He made it to the room and search for her, his eyes landed on her causing him to blow out a breath of relief. Pedro was pushed into the room by a man, "What's up you sick f*cker." He said loudly.

The girls giggled loudly which caused him to look up. "Oh shit, I didn't know anyone was in here." The stranger said.

"Oh please Santos, you need to learn some manners. Hi, I'm Emily, you must be Pedro, Santos has told me so much about each any every one of you." Her southern bell accent filled the room.

She looked our way and smiled widely, "Hi", she said.


Authors note..

Sono anni che ti stavo cercando. Hai dato un senso alla mia vita bella= I have been searching for you for years

Dove sei stato per tutta la mia vita= You have given sense to my life beautiful.Where have you been all my life?

Amore é gioia, amore é gelosia, amore é soffrire, amore é tenerezza, amore é calore. Amore sei tu!= Love is joy, love is jealousy, love is suffering, love is tenderness, love is hot. Love is you!.....

Ho bisogno di te, Con tutto l'affetto mio= I need you, With all my affection.

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