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   Chapter 4 Hidden memories

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XAVIER at the age of fourteen....

"Don Romano, there is something I need to tell you about that man you send me to visit every day."

"What is it my boy." He questioned.

"He has a woman and little girl he torments a lot, especially the woman. My heart aches every time I see her face, it's is as if, I don't know how to explain it. I don't want to go there anymore, her begging breaks my heart. She asks from me to take the girl and save her from the monster. Why do you work with him Don? You are nothing like him." I said but he doesn't reply.

"Just imagine if you had a daughter sir and someone tries to hurt her, what will you do? Help her or let her suffer sir?" I questioned.


One year later...

"Take her my boy, please. He is not here, please take her away from here. I beg of you to help her." The woman cried.

"I can't, you must understand that my Don will be disappointed in me, please don't put me in this situation, please." I replied back.

"You know, he took my twin boys away from me. I don't know what he has done to them, they both should be around your age by now. I have Given up on my life but please help her, take her back to her family, please do the right thing. Today is the only day he will come back late, please, please I beg you to have mercy on her." She begged until my heart broke.

"Why is she like this, is she still alive?" I asked as I watched the little girl's lifeless body in her arms.

"He has beaten her until she lost some of memory. She can't take it anymore, I can't watch him kill her. Please help her." She begged again.

I couldn't take it anymore. "What is her name?" I questioned. "Alicia, her name is Alicia. Please help her." She said as she handed me her body.

"How old is she", I asked.

"She is nine, she won't make it out alive if she stays here any longer." I nodded my head and took the girl. "I will come back for you, what is your name." I asked as she caressed my face. "Sara, go my boy before he comes back." She said pushing me out the door.


"What have you done, why do you not listen to what I tell you." Don Romano shout at me as I held the girl in my arms.

"Have a heart Don Romano, please look at her, she is barely breathing." I said as I laid her on the floor. He stared as her as she opened her eyes, she gasped as she held her hands over her head. "Please, don't hurt me, please. I want my mommy, where's? Sara? Sara, Sara." She yelled as she cried.

"Take her to one of the containers that is leaving for the New York tonight, I will tip someone off to help them. She will be safe in police custody." Don Romano said as he called to ar

range something.


That following night....

"You will be safe, away from the man who hurt you Alicia. Don't go with anyone, only with a police officer, ok." I said to her as I placed her in the dark container.

"What is your name", she said.

"Xavier, I hope you make it safe and sound, to people who will care for you. Please look after her, she is only a child." I said to the woman who held a child in her arms as well.

"Are we really going to be saved when we arrive?" She questioned. I nodded my head, "police only know that a shipment of drugs will be sent. They be surprised when they find you all, I hope they will help you when they see you all in here."

She nodded her head, I watched them close the container doors. That was the last time I've seen that little girl's face.



"Why are you always lost in your world Xavier?" I asked him as he sat in the wooden chair, near the bonfire.

"My past, I always wonder where I'm from, what ever happened to certain people." He said as he picked the fire with a stick.

"How old were you when you went sent to the orphanage?" I questioned as I sat besides him. Grabbing his hand, I rubbed it gently.

"I was found on the steps of the orphanage, a day old. Guessing my mother committed a sin and didn't want to have a burden in her shoulder. Time went by, each month or two, new kids would come. Some that lost their parents in a horrible incident while others weren't wanted. I meet Aroldo at the age of seven, his uncle dropped him off. He hated him so much, to the point he wanted him dead. Fast forward about eight years, your father comes and takes all the teen boys that were in the orphanage. He wanted to build men with his bare hands, he trained us in every way. Fighting, hunting, everything you can think of he taught us. Aroldo knew who he was, who his family we're but I didn't have one. We reached the age of eighteen and your father says his job was done. Aroldo went to take revenge on his uncle while I didn't have a place to go. Your father asked me to stay with him and be his right hand man, so I did." He said.

"I'm glad you stayed", I said while placing my head on his shoulder.

"What did your mother say, will she be coming?" He asked me. I knew he wanted to change the subject so I went along with it.

"I asked her to come but to leave my stepdad there. We will see if she does." I stated.

I hated my step dad with all my heart. Xavier hands caressed my tight slowly. "I'm hungry", he said.

"We just ate", I said as I stared into his eye's.

"I'm hungry for you bella." He said pulling me into a breathtaking kiss.

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