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   Chapter 3 Having fun

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"She will be fine", I said, walking besides Sophia that was nervous. "She's strong but I think she has feelings for Aroldo and when you have feeling, your f*cked for good." She stated.

We entered her room, "He also has feelings for her so I think they'll be just fine. It's is us you should be worried about Amore mio." I said.

She faced as she took off her dress, leaving her in a sexy lingerie. She walked over to me, gliding her fingertip on my chest. "Just because I had sex with you that night doesn't mean anything. I was drunk and you took advantage of me which I didn't mind." She whispered.

Her hands untied my tie, then unbuttoned my shirt. "I use you and you use me. I'd might as well get something out of this, there's no feeling between us. Just raw sex Xavier."

I growled, picking her body up and throwing it on the bed. I took of my shirt as her eyes roamed over my body. Unbuckling my dress pants, she licked her lips in hunger. "I'm coming bella." I said, pulling her legs towards me.

Pulling down her lace panties, I caressed her long legs that felt as smooth as silk.

Making my way to her core that was dripping wet. I placed two fingers in, forgetting her tightens. She moaned as she bucked her hips upward, her moans were becoming louder and more wilder. I watched her body shiver from my touch. My right hand caressed her flat waist, admiring her exquisitely figured body.

Playtime was over, I spread her legs and place my member into her core, making her scream in blissful pleasure. "Ho un debole per te", I said, which was true. I was weak for her, she's been on my mind since that night. "I love it when you speak italian Xavier, it's so f*cking sexy." She said, pulling me down for a kiss.

I kissed her senselessly, devouring her lips on to mines. I've never felt this much pain in making love to a woman as I felt for Sophia. I was scared to push in all the way, I didn't want her to be afraid of me. "Why do I feel your holding back Xavier." She said, pulling me closely as possible to her body.

"You're so tight and this is only the second time we had sex. You were drunk to remember the pain." I said, remembering how I took her. I was her first and my god it felt good.

"I remember, now shut up and f*ck me full force Xavier." She shouted, causing me to lose my mind. I shoved myself all the way in that made a loud deep grunt come out from me.

"Oh fuck that fucking hurts so bad oh god. Now it feels good, ohhh Yessss, more Xavier more." She moaned. Pounding as harder, longer and deeper, causing her eye's roll back as she screamed my name. Her eye's shot open as turned us around and rode me into another universe.



"Ohhh, yes Xavier more", Emma mocked me while laughing uncontrollably. I was a shade redder than I already was, apparently the entire mansion heard my


"Oh the day will come when I hear you and Aroldo making love. I will rub it in your face just like your doing to me now." I said. We were both out taking a walk around the mansion. "I wish you could stay some more Emma, I don't have anyone here to talk to. I'm so lonely and lost, I feel like I'm doing the wrong thing." I said sadly.

She pulled me into a side hug, "I wish I can stay too, you're so cool. I feel like I've known you forever." She said which made me smile.

"I'll call you everyday to check on you, Teco will look after Lucy. Did you see the look on her face when Aroldo told her that she's been accepted at that art school. My god, I've never seen anyone so happy in my entire life." I exclaimed.

"Yea, sorry about the outburst she gave this morning, she thought someone kidnapped us. I had to go and tell her bits and pieces but she didn't care. She's actually happy not to go back home, she's trying to forget her pain." Emma said.

We reached where Xavier and Aroldo were standing at. Her eye's were on me as I stared at Xavier, "Was he that good?" She questioned while giggling.

I shook my head while biting on my lips, remembering last night. "He's my first actually, I don't know why we agreed to have sex only but I was horny as f*ck and my god he's a beast in best. Might as well get some sex while being married to him for a year." I said which caused a sting in my heart.

"Make sure not to drown in him, if you're planning to leave each other." Emma said, gripping my hand tightly. "But if you two drown in each other, that would be amazing Sophia."

I sighed deeply as I looked over at Xavier who never broke eye contact with me. His friend was smirking as he watched him watching me, Aroldo chuckled as he came besides Emma.

"Your friend is on her way to Florence, Teco will look after her, he's a good man so no need to worry about her." Aroldo said as he faced Emma. I felt like I was invading their privacy so I walked over to Xavier.

Leaning against the trees, he placed his chin on my shoulder while he whispered in my ear, "Sei più bella di un angelo."

I held back the shiver, "What does that mean?" I said as I watched Emma and Aroldo. They seem to be having a heated conversation, I exhaled and inhaled the air as I took in my surrounding. The vineyards were below the mansion and the view was breathtaking.

"It means I missed you bella." Xavier replied. "Emma, come back here." Aroldo yelled as he followed Emma.

"He's going to have a hard time with her." I stated while giggling. "Come on bella, come to papa." Xavier said.

I turned to see where he was, I felt something grab my leg while pulling me down. "I always wanted to have sex in the vineyard, maybe eat a grape or two off of you Amore mio." He said as he lifted me in his arms while walking in between the valley of grapes.

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