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   Chapter 2 Friend

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"Don Sophia, are you ok?" Alfresco asked. I was really taking a liking to this guy, his shaved head and blue steel eye's gave away this dangerous look that if you saw him walking down the street, you'd walk the other way but he seemed somewhat nice.

"Yea, I'm fine and please just call me Sophia without the Don." I said. He looked at the lawyer who recall his name was Gano.

"I'm afraid we can't call you by your name in front of everyone, its shows disrespect to you and to your father's legacy." Gano said.

I smiled at both men, "how bout you both call me by my name when we're alone, it would make me feel more comfortable." I replied.

Both men bowed their heads as my stomach decided to growl loudly. I patted it and stared at both men as they had an amused smile on their faces. "Would you like to eat anything?" Alfresco asked.

"Yes please", I said as I glanced at the time. "You know what, I'll just go to sleep."

"Alfresco and I will be heading home, that is with your permission of course." Gano said nervously.

I sighed loudly because I was really annoyed. "Look Gano, you don't need permission from me. You both can leave, I'll go straight to bed." I said as I walked out the room.

Actually, I wasn't going to sleep, I was going to see pretty boy and make a deal with him. I just wanted to hop on the first flight to Cali and leave this place but I knew I couldn't. I waited until Alfresco went out with a couple of his men, I stood by the window ?watching the cars leave. The mansion next to this place had their lights ?turned on, so he must be awake.

I walked down the stairs and outside the mansion, they're we're men everywhere. "Don Sophia, why are you out this late, is something wrong?" A cute blonde man said. He didn't seem to be older than eighteen, "I want to go see Xavier, can you take me there please." I asked. Without questioning why, he walked ahead of me with two other men behind me.

"What are your name's?" I questioned as I picked up my pace to match his. "I am Teco, the two behind us are Danton and Joseph." The blonde boy said.

It was a five-minute walk as we entered the gates of Xavier home. The men at the gate opened quickly as they saw me, as I walked by all bowed their heads. "They are all under your command, so don't have that confused look on your face." Teco whispered as he knocked on the door.

An old lady opened the door and gasped. "Don Sophia, it's a pleasure to meet you." She said nervously. "Please come in, would you like to speak with master Xavier?" She asked.

I just nodded my head and walked in, admiring the his home as I followed her. We didn't walk far, she stopped in front of a door and knocked slowly. A loud grunt was heard clearly. "I'm busy", he shouted loudly.

"Open the door pretty boy, you said you want to negotiate." I shouted back. Took a while for him to reply back but the door unexpectedly opened revealing a shirtless Xavier. The woman behind him quickly tried to cover herself which caused me to giggle.

"Did I catch you in a bad time pretty boy?" I said while smirking. Teco snickering lowly, Xavier sent him a warning look making him shut up quickly. "Come in", he said as he moved away from the doorway to let me walk by.

The woman was blushing hard, "Don't be shy girl, sorry I came unexpectedly." I said to her. Xavier shut the door with a loud bang, walking back to the sofa where the woman was. He grabbed her body and placed it on his lap as if he was trying to make me jealous or something. I shook my head and sat on the chair that was in front of them, waiting for him to talk but all he did was stared at me.

"Well pretty boy, aren't you going to negotiate or what." I said as I looked around the room.

"Let's make a deal, I'll marry you then I'll divorce you by the end of the year. You stay out of my way and be

the perfect wife, then only then, I'll grant you your freedom." He said to me as he held the woman on his lap tightly.

I scoffed loudly, "You have to do better than that pretty boy." I stated while folding my arms together. He pushed the girl off him and told her to leave, which she was glad to do so. The door opened and closed quickly, he stood up as his upper body was naked for my eye's to feast on.


"You can't leave, you know that Principessa. So why don't we makes this easier for the both of us, we get married and let the year run by quickly as we watch. You do as you please and I do as I please, you have to get it through that pretty little head of yours that you are someone very important. You are the Don leader of the Romano, your father doesn't have any children besides you so you have to take his place." He said as he handed me a drink before pulling it back. "How old are you?" He asked.

I snatched the glass from his hand and drank it all in one sip. "Old enough but if you're curious, then I'm twenty. What about you?" I asked as he took the glass from my hand.

"I don't know but I think twenty-seven." He said gulping down the liquor.

"What do you mean you don't know?" I questioned him. He poured another glass for him and sat down, "I was raised in an orphanage until your father came one day and took me. He raised ?me as if I was his son, he was harsh on me but I knew he wanted me to be a man. Your father would talk about how he wanted the pain to go away but I never understood what he meant. One day, he called me up to his room and told me about you. How he was afraid that one day you will come here and take over without him being there to see you. He asked for me to look after you when he was gone." He said emptying the glass once more.

He just stared at the floor and I stared at him. "I don't want to be the Don, why can't you be the Don? You know what to do and to be honest, I just want to go back to my normal life." I said.

"Because I am not a Romano, you are but by the marriage contract. I will be in charge but so will you, all I ask is for you to stay one year. Play the role with me then you can leave after that, a lot of people will try to take your father's place and I can't stop them. But if you accept, then all will fear us." He said.

"No wedding, we just sign the marriage contract and after a year I leave no matter what. I also want to fly my mom out here, but I don't want my step-dad to come with her." I said as his eye's lit up.

"So you agree, you will marry me?" He asked. I shook my head in disbelief, "You just want the money and I just want my life back, you say I can't leave so yea, I agree." I said, getting up. "I'll tell Gano that we came to an agreement, enjoy the rest of your night pretty boy."


Two days later...


"Tell me again why you're here?" I asked my best friend Aroldo as he stared at a very young girl. "You see that girl over there?" He questioned.

"The one that you haven't taking your eye's off since we've been here." I stated. He finally gave me his attention, "She's Emma." He said as he took a sip of his rum.

"Wait, you mean the girl who helped you? What is she doing here, I thought she lives in America." I said as his eyes roamed over her once again. I chuckled while getting up, "where are you going Xavier? Sit down." He said as I finished my drink.

"I can't stay out this late anymore, my wife is waiting for me." I said as I pointed to the ring on my finger. He laughed a bit louder than he was supposed to. "Keep laughing my good friend, I'll leave you to your spying." I said leaving the restaurant.

I passed the girls who Aroldo was looking at, I was about to leave but turned back to where they're table was. Aroldo stood up from his seat as he watched me walk towards the them. "Hello Emma."

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