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   Chapter 1 Death

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"Um, let's start off by saying I'm sorry for your loss and he probably was a good man. Even though when all I want to do was push the coffin down into the grave but I didn't, mom kinda warned me to be nice. So yeah, um....that guy we just buried was apparently my dad and I had no clue. No one knew he had a child which is me, hello. I don't even think I should be talking at all, you know, not one of my best features. "Dad" apparently left a will for everyone in this room to hear and you're all dying to get your hands on his inheritance but couldn't do so because of me. I just want to say whatever that he left for me, is to be donated to the orphanage, poor people. I don't want anything from him or anyone else, I've managed on my own and will continue to do so. So if you all will excuse me, I'll be leaving." I said as I watched everyone's shocked expression.

Dressed in all black, my heels echoed through the room. "You can not leave Don Sophia, you are the leader of this family now. It is your responsibility to look after the family business." The lawyer said.

Gasps were heard as people whispered lowly, "She is the Don leader? How can that be?"

I was confused a bit as they kept staring at me. "I won't stay, it's not my family, I don't know anyone, here, " I stated firmly heading out the room but held my place as a man stood there. The whispers were gone and replaced with silence, "move, you're blocking my way." I hissed, pushing him.

He pulled me back, "You won't be leaving until we have heard what your father has to say Principessa." The tall, dark-haired man who had these deep brown eyes said. He grabbed my wrist harshly and pulled me back into the room, I pinched his hand as hard as I could but the a**hole didn't even flinch.

He sat on the chair that was behind the ebony desk as I besides sides him."Carry on and read the will Gano, Principessa will listen to the very end." The pretty boy said.

A man brought a chair for me to sit on and I was glad he did, these heels were killing me. Crossing my legs on top of the other, I pulled a cigarette out and smoked. The pretty boy glanced at me from the corner of his eye's but didn't say anything.

The lawyer pulled out a long piece of paper and started to read from it.

"You all must be wondering where Sophia came from and how come no one had heard of her. Her name is Sophia Antonio Romano, she has been with her mother all these years. I was the reason she never had a father because I was too afraid to admit that she was my child. DNA test is with the will if you all will like to make sure she is truly who I say she is. Let's face it, all of you want her dead right now but that won't happen. She is your Don and you will treat her with respect, the men that were once my men, are now under her command. She will inherit the leadership, the Romano mansion, the ten thousand acres vineyard, all of my personal belongs such as my car's, hotels, restaurants, shops etc. Basically what I am saying is, everyone, get the f*ck out of my home before I have you all killed and as for you Xavier, you are to marry Sophia and keep an eye on her. The family business is to be run by the both of you together, I am counting on you to be there for her. If you do not agree with my terms, then consider yourself dead. You are nothing without her just as you were nothing without me, you will inherit one billion dollars after a year marriage to Sophia. Hand the marriage certificate to Gano, if you divorce her before the year is over then you will get nothing. As for everyone else, you are absolutely not getting a cent from me. I haven't seen anyone visit me on my death-bed so why should I give you anything? Alfresco, you along with the rest of the men are Sophia's right hand and eye's, you will care for her as you cared for me. I am depending on you to look after her, Gano will be her lawyer and will

advise her on every purchase she makes. If you see it's not necessarily needed then you have the right to tell her no, don't let her sell anything. Now that everything is said and done, I Antonio Franco Romano hereby state that I was in my full state of mind and meant every word when I wrote this will. Sophia, sorry isn't enough but what else can I say? Take care." The lawyer said as he looked at me.

I didn't know what came over me but I started to laugh as I watched everyone's expression. "That Antonio huh, really something, " I stated as my hands shook.

The room was quiet for a good minute but then, all hell broke loose. "This is preposterous, the man didn't know what he was saying or doing." An older woman yelled as she stood up from her chair. "I agree, how can he do such a thing, we are his family." A man yelled. "This has to be set up." Another woman yelled.

The room was in chaos, everyone shouting loudly until someone pulled the trigger. All were we're on a man in the far corner, he came out from the shadows and appeared with the gun in his hand. He blew out a loud whistle and a large number of men came out of nowhere. He came to my side and stood there as the other men pointed their guns at the people who were shouting. "Don Sophia, I am Alfresco and these are your men under your command." The man next to me said as the other men bowed their heads towards me.

"Don Xavier, will you care to say something or should I do my job?" Alfresco said. Pretty boy or should I say, Xavier, motioned with his hand. Alfresco understood what he meant, "You may all leave now or you will be shot." Alfresco said calmly.

As scared mice, they all left. Leaving pretty boy, the lawyer, Alfresco and I in the room. Did I know that "dad" was a mafia king? Yes! Mom gave me all the information before I came here. Well, before I was dragged here. Was I scared? Maybe a bit but it's not I'll be staying or marrying anyone against my will.

"Don Sophia, would you please sign here." The lawyer said. I stared at the piece of paper, "What is it that I'm signing?" I questioned while looking at him. He was an old man with wrinkles and silver fox thick hair, he smiled widely which caused me to frown.

"This is the marriage contract between you and Xavier Romulus stated that you accept." He remarked.

I just shook my head and let out a huff, "What makes you think that I have agreed to all this? I. Am. Not. Marrying. ANYONE." I stated firmly.

"Can you please leave us alone, I want to speak with Sophia in private." pretty boy said as he lit up a cigar.

The lawyer nodded his hand but Alfresco didn't, he looked down at me as if he was asking for permission. I tilted my head to the side and a ghostly smirk gently appeared on his lips. "I take orders from you Don Sophia, no one else." He said.

I didn't know why but I kinda liked this power, "So if I say no, you both stay? Even if pretty boy here asked you to leave?" Both men nodded their head. I turned to face Xavier with a smile on my face, "Well, would you look at that." I said to him as his face turned into different colors.

"You don't know what power you hold Principessa, tell them to leave so we can negotiate." Pretty boy said as his brown eyes stared at me with anger.

"And what if I don't want to negotiate?" I asked curiously.

The ebony desk that was a few inches away from me suddenly flew in the air, both men stood in front of me as if they were shielding me from him.

"MOVE, " Xavier yelled.

"You know if you come close to her or harm her, we will kill you." The lawyer said as Alfresco pointed the gun at him.

I stood up and pushed both men to the side, his eyes were raging. "Be at my place tomorrow around dinner time, I live next door." He said as he left.

I was rubbing my neck as exhaustion came over me, I knew if I didn't make a deal with him then I'll be stuck here forever.

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