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   Chapter 24 Farewells

His secret love By MarillaGarden Characters: 8555

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"Are you sure I can't change your mind Frederic in leaving so soon?" I questioned my friend that was eager to go back home.

"I think that's enough my friend, I just want to go back home and relax. Zena seems to be upset about something, I don't want to see her this way. I've tried countless of times asking her what's wrong but she denies there's anything." He said in a worried tone as he looked over at her.

"May I ask a question Frederic?" I said while looking at him. Nodding his head while I took a deep breath, "Is Joseph a good man?" I asked curiously.

"He is but not as he was before his sister was killed. He turned cold and cruel, I was in sorrow to bring him out of his state of misery. He was far away and I just locked myself up in my own bubble. My late wife was the one who raised Joseph, it was hard for him to accept the fact she was gone. He started to become more like Sergio in a way, after woman and alcohol but not to the point he would lose control. Why do you ask?" He questioned as we walked around Xavier's place.

"I don't know if I should tell you this or not, but Emma told me something I think you need to know. Before you get angry, just remember that he was probably in a bad state that night. He might have been lonely or.."

"Tell me Alordo, " he demanded cutting me off.

I looked over at Emma who was looking at me, Maryanne won't tell him and I'm sure Joseph is ashamed of himself to talk.

"You're the closest friend I have? Frederic, I never knew that we would become like this. I'm only telling you because I know you care deeply about your girl's. Maryanne may have met Joseph before the crowning, she told Emma about him but she assured her that he didn't lay a finger on her." I stated as I watched Frederic's eye's

Turned cold.

"What do you mean she met him, where?" He shouted angrily.

"Frederic, relax. When Maryanne was at that place before she met Zena. They took her with a couple of girls for men have their ways. Joseph was among those men, he picked out Maryanne but never laid a hand on her." I said as I watched him fuming with anger.

"That bastard.." Frederic trailed off as he rubbed his face.

"Calm down my friend, she swore to Emma that he didn't harm her, it's just that she fears him from that day. She thinks if you knew that you might try to hurt him and I'm thinking that she's right. You said he was a good man, maybe he was angry that night and maybe faith saved Maryanne from the other men that were there. Think about it, it may have been wo

?" I texted her on the phone. I didn't want icy blue knowing that his sister had a thing for Matto that was seated next to him.

"He said that he can't be with me if I don't tell Aroldo about us." She texted back.

"Well, tell him Isabela. If you want to be with Matto then I think you should tell your brother about him." I texted back.

"But what if he says no, then what?" She texted back.

"Emma, did you know Lucy went to visit her parents back home?" Icy blue said out of nowhere.

I looked up at him, "Really? I thought she loved it here?" I said a bit surprised.

"She is and is doing very well in school. She just missed them and went to see them with what's his name again?" He said while looking at me in the rearview mirror.

"You mean the cute guy?" I said while smirking. He shook his head while I laughed, "his name is Teco, she went with him?" I questioned curiously.

"Yes, apparently they are a thing now." He said as he stared at me.

"You go Lucy", I said happily. I've been in touch with her but that b*tch never told me. Ok Lucy, once I see you, I'm kicking your butt.

"Isabela, I have a friend that will come to our home in the following week. He is a good man with a lot of money and prestige, I was thinking that you should get to know him more." Icy blue said.

She turned to face me while Matto huffed loudly. "Is there something wrong Matto?" Icy blue asked.

He shook his head, "No sir, nothing is wrong." Matto said as he continued to drive us back home.

"Oh god, Emma, what should I do now?" Isabela texted.

I sighed deeply, "It's all in your hands girl. I can't help you, only you can help yourself. Speak up!" I texted back as I looked at her.

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