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   Chapter 22 Saving Isabela

His secret love By MarillaGarden Characters: 12706

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"We should take him to the hospital." I said as "garden boy", or should I say Matto was laying on the bed.

"No signora, I am fine. You and the Don saved me, thank you." He uttered lowly. The poor guy lost so much blood, if it wasn't for him, Victoria and mom would have been dead.

Two days since the incident happened that shook us, icy blue placed double security around the house. He still doesn't know how they attacked the guards, he's been fuming like a madman ever since.

I was in the room with Matto, mom and Malkin who seemed to be in deep thoughts. "Philips won't come so we have to go to him, I don't know how the Don and his mother are taking the news." He said while rubbing his face.

Icy blue was hurt to find out that he had a sister, his mom recalls having a baby but they told her that it was dead. She's been crying ever since she found out she has a girl named Isabella, icy blue still can't believe he has a sister. I knew he was planning on something big, we we're waiting on Salvador and Xavier to come help him in his mission. Hopefully, they will bring Zuse and Philip down but I can't help but to think negative about the situation. What if something goes wrong? What if they hurt Isabela who doesn't have a clue why she is held captive in all this.

Mom was feeding Matto who seems very weak but he's putting on a smile and convincing himself that he's alright. "I seriously think he should be seen by a doctor, do you guys know anyone that can come and check on Matto?" I questioned curiously.

"Xavier has a friend doctor, he is bringing him with them." Malkin said.

I nodded my head and stared at Malkin, he was handsome and strong but also mysterious in a way that made him intimidating. He only spoke when it was needed, I wondered what's his story about, who he was?

I shook my thoughts away as I watched him stand up, "I'll go see what the Don has planned, maybe you should try to talk to him, Emma. He doesn't make a good decision when he's mad and he is beyond mad, I just hope that they won't try to hurt her." Malkin stated as he stared at me.

How was I supposed to calm icy blue down? He hasn't been the same guy I've been with the last couple of months, he seems as if he is losing his mind. The envelope held gruesome pictures of Isabela in the most horrifying way, he turned the house upside down after he read was in the envelope.

I walked out after Malkin, "I think you are the only one that can calm him down, try your best to bring him out of this state." He said as we stood before icy blue office door.

I knocked gently before entering, the office was a mess. Glass shattered everywhere, the furniture thrown in every direction. My eyes landed on icy blue as he was sitting on the floor with a bottle of whiskey in his hand.

He wasn't drunk, he was intoxicated

Beyond the point. His sad heavy eye's watched as I moved closer to him, I sat on the floor in front of him, pulling away the bottle. Luckily he let me, "I thought you had balls icy blue but I'm starting to doubt you do. You know you will save her and take your revenge on both Zeus and Philip. Why are you acting this way? Aren't you suppose to take the bull by its horns or are you going to let it step all over you as you watch it kill you."

His eyes were red, his body was slumped down in a defeated matter and he hasn't even started the war yet. "Are you giving up before you even started? That's not like you." I said as I took his hand. "Talk to me Aroldo, say something." I shouted loudly.

He pulled his hand away, "You don't know what they want for them to hand over Isabela. They want you in exchange for her, either way, I will be hurt." He said as he pounded his head against the wall violently.

I stared at him in shock, I didn't know w

some crazy lady. God, how was I going to explain to her? "You know a guy named icy blue, I mean Aroldo? right?" I asked as I pulled off my heels.

She was thinking where she heard that name before. "I think I do." She said. I walked up to her, "We're here to save you from Zuse." I whispered lowly. She was flabbergasted as she placed her hand on her mouth.

"We have to get by Philip, you go out and I'll attack him with my heels. Then we'll run out the restaurant as fast as we can." I whispered.

She nodded her head, "breath, and walk out as normal as you can." I said as she did what I said.

"How is the girl inside." Philip asked. I peeked my head out slowly. "She freshening up, why? Do you know her?" She asked curiously.

Luckily Philip was facing her this time, it was now or never.

I stepped out slowly, tiptoeing in my Jordan, Nah I'm just playing but I did tiptoe slowly until I was behind him.

Let's see if I still got my swing. I did play little league. I was the batter.

"Philips." I said loudly as he turned to face me. I swung the heel as hard as I could to the side of his head causing him fall down and yell in pain.

"Run" I shouted loudly as we both ran out between tables.

Reaching the door, I pulled her hand and ran towards the car where the men were in. "Open the fucking door" I shouted as we ran towards them.

Gunshots were fired from behind us as the men got out the car. I turned around to see what was going on, icy blue had someone on the floor as he pounded him against the cement sidewalk. All the men reached icy blue as they pulled him away from the guy.

I pushed Isabela into the car, Malkin went inside the restaurant as Salvador and Xavier pulled up what I think was Zuse. Malkin came out with a bleeding Philip, icy blue ran towards me. "Are you f*cking crazy Emma, you could have been killed." He yelled as he pulled me into his arms hugging me tightly.

"Chill icy blue and let go. You're suffocating me." I said as he pulled back. "My god woman, what happened? What...." He trailed off as he stared at Isabela through the glass car window.

She opened the door and stepped out, they both stared at each other for the longest time. "Isabela, this is your brother icy blue, shit, I mean Aroldo." I said. They both didn't move, "Oh come on guys, I'm expecting tears of joy where you two hug and cry and." I said as icy blue pulled her into his arm's.

"Yea, that's more like it. Now can we leave? I'm barefoot and hungry too." I stated as both of them laughed.

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