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   Chapter 21 Date night disaster

His secret love By MarillaGarden Characters: 12827

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"Get up Emma, it's noon." Mom shouted loudly. I groaned tiredly as I flipped to the other side, "Go away!" I said as I pulled the covers up.

"Get up lazy a** or did Aroldo keep you up all night?" She asked.

My eye's snapped open as I sat up on the bed, taking a good look of the smirk on mom's face. "Kinda gross mom you're talking to me about this, I'll keep my personal life to myself thank you very much." I stated as I rubbed my eye's.

"Ah baby, it's a normal thing. Eventually, you'll experience things I can't hold you back from, I just want you to do it safely that's all, you know I'm here for you right?" She said while chuckling.

I love my mom, she was cool and understanding. It's just weird how calm she is about this how situation.

"He seems to really like you Emma, are you two a thing or is it just fun?" She questioned curiously.

Well, he did say I was going to be his wife but I knew he was joking, was he?

I didn't want to over think about anything, all I knew that we liked each other. But was it enough?

Maybe I should ask icy blue what we really are or maybe I shouldn't, ugh. Breath Emma, just breath.

"You can say we're a thing in progress, I'll let you know once I know. We're going out tonight on our first date, I'll ask him tonight." I said as I stood up. Luckily I was wearing icy blue shirt that covers last night's evidence.

Mom teared up out of nowhere, "Are you ok?" I questioned her as I walked over to her side. She waved her hands in the air, "you'll probably marry him and then leave me all alone, I'm crying about my lonely self." She replied as she laughed.

"Aww mom, I'm not leaving you ever. We're a duo until the very end and I'm not going to marry any time soon so stop thinking ten steps ahead of where we are now." I said as I wrapped my arms around her.

We had our moment before she pulled back, I faced her with a smile on my face. "You need a man in your life mom, you're still young and sexy. I don't know why you haven't dated after dad left." I stated as I went over to grab some clothes.

She let out an ugh before speaking, "You're dad ruined everything for me, I have pure hate for all men in this world." She said.

Mom had me when she was young, like really young. Nineteen to be exact, she focused on raising me than on her personal life. She thought to bring a man into our lives was a bad idea and I was grateful for her that she gave me all the love I needed. At times I would blame myself for messing up her life but she would always say that I was the best thing that ever happened to her.

She was in her thirties, young and beautiful still. "Seriously mom, you need to stop worrying about me and focus more on you. Go out and have fun, maybe you and Victoria can go out and enjoy the night together, maybe hit on a couple of Italian men." I said as I slipped into a floral dress.

She giggled while shaking her head, "Maybe we should go out and enjoy ourselves but no hitting on men." She said. "Make your bed cause you know I ain't touching that." She laughed as she walked out the room.



"She's still giving you a hard time?" I asked Frederic. We've been in touch more than I thought we would, he's? become my best friend as have I.

"She's mad that I wanted her to leave which she didn't, I promised her when she first arrived here that she will be free and will get to go back home. Did I do something wrong my friend? I just wanted to keep my promise." He said.

"You promised her in the beginning when she wanted to leave. But after all that you two have been through, I think she didn't want to leave. You did something you thought was right but to her, it seemed that you didn't want her anymore. You should have asked her before you called her parents over to take her." I stated.

He sighed

ard as I opened the door, I rushed in yelling.

"Mama, Nicki?" But no one answered.

Emma walked forward but I pulled her back. "Stay by my side." I whispered lowly. I went into my office and took the gun that was in the desk. Her eye's widened in horror, I walked out as she followed close by.

The garden boy walked out of the kitchen, bleeding heavy. Emma rushed over to his side as he collapses on the floor, "they are safe Don, I heard gunshots and came running. They are at my home but the guards are dead in the back." He said.

I looked over to his wound, luckily it was a flesh wound. "You'll be fine. Did you see their faces, who were they? I questioned as Emma applied pressure on his wound.

He was breathing heavy as he stared at me, "Philip and a man who looks like you. They had a lot of men with them, I quickly came. Luckily both of your mother's were in the kitchen, I pulled them out as the guards stalled them. I came back to see if it was over but Philip caught me walking into the kitchen, pulled the trigger and shot me." He whispered.

"I think he was aiming at your heart but it went above it, I can see the bullet, I must take it out before you bleed to death." I said as I placed the gun down.

"How long ago did this happened?" I questioned as I ripped his shirt off.

"Two-hour agggoooooo..." He yelled as I stuck my finger into the wound. "I'm sorry, it's the only way." I said as I grabbed the edge of the bullet while pulling it out.

Emma placed his shirt on the wound as blood covered it quickly. I took a hold of the shirt." Emma, listen to me carefully. I want you to go to the kitchen, grab a knife and heat it up real good until it's red then bring it to me. We have to stop the bleeding before he dies." I said as her body shook.

"Emma go, he's dying." I said before she ran into the kitchen. "If I die Don, promise to care for my family, please." He said as tears filled his eye's.

"Hey, men don't cry. You will take care of your family yourself, your fine. I promise you will be fine." I said as I stared at him.

Emma came back, handing me the knife. "You will stay still, lay down on the floor." I ordered. He was losing consciousness which was good for him because he would feel pain if he didn't. "Hold as hard as you can to his legs Emma, sit on them, don't make him move." I said as I placed his arm's together on his stomach. I placed my knee on them, he was drifting away and that's when I placed the knife on his wound that caused his agonizing scream to be heard throughout the house.

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